After Dark


“The moon and stars were the only glimpses of light in the miles of pitch black surrounding the mysterious woman. The darkness never scared her though, for after dark was her time to dazzle…”

She peered at her long, black nails, scratching the points together and smiling at the sound.  No, the darkness never scared her, but it did scare him.  He was terrified of it, because he knew that somewhere beneath the velvet blanket of night, she roamed.

Darkness was everywhere tonight, even in his cabin, but he couldn’t fool her.  She knew he was in there.

Her silk dress billowed silently as she prowled over the soft ground, the grass tickling her stockinged feet.  She could feel the sway of her hips, the gentle stroke of one thigh against the other.  Her breasts became heavy and she couldn’t wait until that moment when they were finally freed.

His gate opened and closed with a familiar creak.  She paused, smiled again.  He would know she had come now.  Oh, how she wished she could smell his fear!

Just as the moon appeared from behind a passing cloud and cast its pale light on the cottage, a movement in one of the windows caught her eye.  He was watching her, and didn’t that just delight her.

Her long fingers moved to her side and the sound of her zipper lowering was loud in the silence. Click-click-click… she did it purposefully slowly, teasing herself as well as his eyes.  Yes, he wanted to see.  He might well fear her, but that was only because of how much he wanted her.

Once it was all the way down, she lifted her hands to her bust, pushing down, rocking her hips from side to side and listening to the slide of fabric shushing over her skin.  Her dress pooled on the floor and she ran her fingertips over her hips, feeling the sensuous lace of her suspender, running her hands over her stomach and up her ribs to squeeze her nipples that had already puckered after being exposed to the cold night air by her flimsy lace bra.

Oh, what a show she was putting on for him.  He wouldn’t be able to resist her after this.

She began to walk again, slowly toward the cottage door, hoping the moon didn’t vanish again.  No, that would never do.  She wanted him to see her, always.  With wide swings of her hips, she took the three steps and finally, she was at his door.

The click of a bolt sliding back snapped through the night and she opened her eyes. Fingers wrapped around the thick wood, opening the door slowly, and a beautiful, terrified face shrouded in shadow peeked out.

“You shouldn’t have opened the door to me, darling,” she whispered. “Not after dark.”

This story is an old one, written back in 2015 for an erotica competition held by a lingerie shop, and the first paragraph was the prompt.It didn’t win and I’d all but forgotten about it until I was searching for a file on my laptop and came across it. It wasn’t ever published on the site that held the competition, so I thought why not give it a new ending and publish it here.

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