A Taste for the Exotic

Drawing my silk gloves over my fingers and to my elbows, I gazed out at the beautiful scene before me. From the balcony, I could see almost half of the estate. The sun was just sinking behind the tall trees, it’s last hurrah making the koi pond glitter as though it was filled with diamonds.

A faint, far-off roar caught my ear and, closer, the discordant squawk of startled macaws. It was feeding time for my beautiful pets. And it was playtime for me.

My journey from the bedroom, along the wide hallway, down the sweeping staircase and into the night was filled with the sounds of exotic animals. More birds, mostly, and a few feline growls and canine howls, but the loudest noises were made by my keepers. Their giggles at Boop – my Squirrel Monkey – were as endearing as their nervous laughs at the cases that contained the Emperor Scorpions.

As soon as the chill air hit my skin I began to shiver. Not with cold, though, but with anticipation. I could barely contain it. The stone steps were rough against the soles of my feet, and I hissed when I stepped off the last one onto gravel. Wind kissed my skin, puckering my nipples, tightening my thighs.

I adjusted the straps of my leather harness – the only garment I wore, other than the gloves – and waited. Slowly, the lights that lined the drive began to glow, and the dusk was chased away by orange warmth from the lights that shone from the windows of the grand house behind me.

There was so much to see, all of it beautiful, but my eyes were fixed on one particular spot. It was empty, but wouldn’t be for long. I counted down from ten in my head and, sure enough, as soon as I reached one, he appeared.

My most treasured pet of all.

Trotting proudly beside the stable hand, was my Zebra.

Oh, the majesty of him! My breath caught in my throat as he approached. Head held high, strong legs powering off the ground. So proud, so magnificent. I knew my eyes would be sparkling when he stopped in front of me. But he didn’t see it. I hadn’t ever blinkered him, because he had come to me eager to be disciplined, and I’d known right away that he didn’t need such restrictions.

Holding out the reins, the stable hand waited. I didn’t take them right away, though. No, not yet. I would, but first I wanted to see.

My feet dug into the gravel, my toes curling to cling to the small stones so that my steps didn’t falter. I walked around my glorious beast, stroking his soft mane, patting his rump, playfully tugging his tail. That incited a little stamp from him, but other than that, he was still.

Once I reached his head, I was momentarily lost in his large, grey eyes. They sparkled in the artificial lights that illuminated us but, even though I could see mischief there, I knew he would be well behaved. I stroked his nose, kissed his rough jaw. Such a beautiful creature, and all mine.

Pulling my enthralled gaze from his trusting one was a challenge, but I was soon at his side, rubbing his belly while I relieved the stable hand of the reins. I watched the pretty young man walk away, his head lowered. He felt guilty. He knew I’d seen him smile as he’d turned away. Knew that he was well aware that, once I’d ridden my Zebra, there was a solid chance that I’d finish my evening by riding him on top of a bale of hay. Poor boy disliked being considered presumptuous.

But I wouldn’t let myself worry about him now.

Now I was leading my Zebra along the path, listening to his metal shoes crunching gravel. He made a few soft snickering sounds, shook his head, flicked his tail. I peered over my shoulder, watching it swish in the sweetest way.

“Beautiful boy,” I whispered, heading for a softer surface.

The grass beneath my feet was damp and cool. So pleasant after all that hard, sharp gravel. My Zebra liked this surface, too. He stilled, pawing the soil just a little. Lowering his head, he waited for me to mount him.

I held onto his mane, straddled his back, and tapped my heels on his haunches. His head rose, and he started to move. It always amazed me how easily he took my weight. He moved slowly while I was astride him like this, but move he did. We shifted through the grass quietly, steadily, going at a slow, leisurely pace.

One, quiet noise blew from his nose, and I knew what had caused it. The very feel of him beneath me had aroused me so quickly and so much, I was dripping on his bare back. He’d feel it cooling, a contrast against the heat coming from my pussy.

He began to dip and fall, moving slower, making me bounce on his back. Oh, the feeling of my ass tapping against him, my lips pushing together, mashing against my clitoris…it was heaven!

I held his shoulders to steady myself while I rocked, grinding against him, pressing my breasts into his shoulder blades. Just a little more… just a little more… I reached for the riding crop that hung at his side. Swinging wide, I brought it down on his rump, just the once. He must have been lost in sensation, because his loud, gag-muffled cry of ‘fuck’ was entirely out of character.

The sound of his voice shocked me so much I lost my balance. My back hit the grass and I laughed wildly, breathlessly, as my pussy pulsed out a messy, intense orgasm. From my spot on the ground, I peered over at my Zebra. His cock twitched, and one last rivulet of cum stretched before breaking free and landing in a patch of milky looking clover.

He got to his feet and offered me his hand. We both smiled when I took it. It was an abrupt end to our play, and the knowledge that I wouldn’t be watching the stable hand give him a rub down now made me pout, but I had to admit defeat. We were both laughing too much to even try to bring the scene back.

Once I was on my feet, he didn’t let go. He just motioned first in the direction of the house, and then that of the stables. I didn’t usually let my large pets in through the front door, never mind letting them sleep in my bed, but tonight I would make an exception. I liked the way my Zebra sounded when he laughed, and I wanted to hear more. I’d make the stable hand suck Zebra’s cock and then fuck me next week, but tonight, I was going to get to know the man that was my most exotic pet just that little bit better.

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