A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

Natalie curled her toes and arched her back. Stretching her arms over her head, she accidentally whacked one of the reindeer on the table behind the sofa. I’d laughed at one of my kids at tea time because of that little display. She’d asked if the reindeer knew how to fly so many times I’d told her yes just to quieten her.

My girlfriend yawned. Even though she’d only moved in with me a few weeks ago, she’d taken my family on as her own. They’d run off her feet all day long, the poor girl. But I knew that, as tired as she was, she’d still find it hard to sleep tonight. My kids had been in bed for a few hours now. After making sure they were asleep, we’d put their presents beneath the tree before settling down to a few festive cocktails.

When she straightened, I caught a hint of her faded perfume. The stale sweetness of it mingled with the lingering scent of the open roasted chestnuts we’d had for our supper. The combination made my mouth water. I wasn’t hungry, though. Not in the traditional sense of the word.

She rose up and leaned over me, fiddling with the buttons on the music player. I’d sneakily changed the music to our dating playlist, but she switched it back to Christmas songs. Now there was some choir singing an old Yuletide classic that I wouldn’t be able to name if my life depended on it.

Natalie shifted so she could push herself up and her loose t-shirt tightened over her chest. As was usual when it was just us, she was braless. I could see one of her oversized nipples pushing against the cheap cotton. It was only an inch or two from my face, so I did what anyone else would have done.

I stretched my neck and sucked the nub into my mouth. But I didn’t stop there. I clamped my teeth around it, biting down until she hissed. I stared up at her, watching her wince as she pulled away from me, her nipple stretching until it escaped my bite.

“Honestly, Cole, is there any need?” she laughed, reaching for her martini glass.

She lifted it to her lips and took a sip. I smiled dopily at the cute way her face wrinkled when the bubbles fizzed and tickled her nose.

Running a finger around the white sugar crystals that rimmed the glass, she pointed at the blue liquid. “What did you say this was called again?”

“It’s a Jack Frost.”

I should have said a Jack Frost made Cole King style, because I hadn’t remembered any of the ingredients from the recipe my brother had given me other than the blue curacao and white sugar. I’d winged it by mixing those two things with some champagne and vodka. I’d kept the name, though.

After sinking her drink – and mine – Natalie got up and strode off into the kitchen. I listened to the sounds of her checking the turkey for the fiftieth time. My eyes were still on the door when she came back in. Rather than come back to the sofa, she headed toward the fireplace. Our house was too small for an open fire, but the electric one was hot enough to roast more than your chestnuts if you got too close.

Turning to face me, she pressed her lips together and cast her gaze over her head. Hanging from one of the many rows of paper streamers I’d made with the kids was a bunch of mistletoe.

I didn’t need any more encouragement than that.

Crossing the room in two strides, I moaned when my lips touched hers. All day we’d had our parents interfering in how we did things, my sister and Natalie’s bickering over who had bought her the best present, and countless other friends and family members showing up with gifts that had to be smuggled past the whirling dervishes that were my children.

But now we were alone, and Natalie was pulling off her t-shirt and sweat pants and lowering herself onto the floor. I stripped slowly, staring at her like she was my first and last meal. Her eyes were aglow, rivalling the bright light from the fire. I smiled at her. Lying there on the fluffy faux fur rug she’d brought home with her after her last business trip, she looked exactly like what my mother had called her during our family day out to the Christmas fayre; a little Eskimo.

The V at the top of her legs was just as fuzzy as the rug that outlined her body, and I wanted to bury my face in her downy warmth so badly I could almost feel the tickle on my nose, but I didn’t do it. My eyes had already flicked to her mouth, and the way she licked her lips was an invitation I couldn’t ignore.

Torn between two equally potent desires, I stared for a moment longer before making a decision. There was something we hadn’t done together, and it was past time we did it.

Straddling her, I lowered my face into that delicious smelling tuft of hair, using my fingers to push it back so I could find the delights that hid behind it. At the same time, Natalie guided my cock to her mouth. I knew her gasp was nothing to do with what she was doing to me and everything to do with what I was doing to her, and that redoubled my already fervent enthusiasm.

As much as I wanted to delve deeper into her wetness with my tongue and fingers, I had to take a pause. Natalie was a fantastic lover, but her deep throating skills were deserving of my undivided attention. She had this way of taking all of me in until her lips pressed against my skin, and then contracting her throat around the head of my cock in a strange gulping motion. It felt like she was drinking from me, and each flex of her tongue pushed me just a little closer to the edge.

But Natalie wasn’t one to give without receiving. Her right leg rose up and pushed my head back down again. I licked and slurped my way around her pussy lips, wiggled my tongue as far into her as it would go, coating it in the copious amounts of juices she leaked for me.

Soon enough she was coming, and not shooting my load in response took more effort than I would ever admit to her. But I didn’t want things to end, even though I could hear the bed in the room above us – the one where my parents were sleeping – creak a few times.

I rolled off while Natalie was still mid orgasm so I could watch her body slowly relax from its crunch. When it did she stretched out, the sight of her long limbs and soft body making my cock jump.

Smiling up at me she said, “I can’t believe that’s the first time we’ve done a sixty nine. How did we overlook this, it’s fucking amazing?”

“I have no idea but I know it won’t be long before we’re doing it again.”

“When did you have in mind?” she asked.

“What time is it?”

Natalie laughed, sat up and kissed me. Before I could suggest that she get her ass in the air so I could fuck her, her hand shot out and latched on to my still solid cock. I could see satisfaction roll through her at the surprised ‘ugh’ that slipped from my throat.

The bed above us creaked again, and I sighed quietly. So much for not wanting things to end quickly. Natalie glanced up, but didn’t stop stroking me. She leaned forward, using my hands and hers to mould her breasts around my cock.

“You’re starting something I don’t think we have time to finish, Nat.”

She trailed soft, wet kisses down my chest and abdomen, licking the black hair beneath my belly button and moving slowly lower. Bypassing my bouncing cock, she began nipping my scrotum with her teeth instead.

“Damn it, Natalie, you can hear that my folks are – aah!”

She had me in her mouth and was slowly taking me down her throat.

“Nat, I… oh, shit, never mind.”

She huffed out a small laugh, closing her eyes and giving me everything she had.  Her teeth, tongue, and lips worked together to have me writhing on the rug, my hands tugging and pulling, pushing her face against my body while I rolled my hips, my cock straining down her throat.

Her fingers cupped my balls, pulling them away again and again, refusing me the release I so desperately needed. “Ah, God, you’re driving me fucking crazy, Natalie, don’t do this to me.  I need to come. I’ll do anything you ask me to, just please stop doing that.”

Her fingers tugged once more and I half sobbed in agonised bliss. I didn’t even know if she was going to let me come or if she’d make me go to bed with aching balls again. One of her fingernails scratched at my perineum and I froze. Would she? I hadn’t been overly keen when we’d discussed it, but I wouldn’t tell her no if she wanted to try.

Her finger probed my anus softly and took a shuddering breath. Suddenly she was throating my cock at a choking speed, sucking almost hard enough to make me cry out. The noise that exploded from me as her finger slid home was so achingly sensual I could barely believe it had come from me. Being a nurse, she had no trouble finding my prostate, and she began to massage it in firm circles, halting with my cock deep in her mouth.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” I chanted, crossing my eyes at the sexiness of her sloppy moans. “Oh fuck, what the hell are you doing to me?” I’d heard this was good, but I hadn’t imagined it would feel like this.

She increased the pressure against my prostate at the same time as her mouth began to move again. I grabbed handfuls of her hair. She started to grunt in protesting encouragement as I stilled her head so I could thrust into her mouth. My thrusts were cruelly hard, and when small, choking sounds came out of her nose I realised that, for the first time ever, Natalie was gagging.

My abdomen crunched, lifting my upper body right off the floor at the same time as I drew my knees toward my chest. I opened my mouth and knew we were going to end up with my folks walking in on us. There was no way they wouldn’t hear the deep, guttural growl that issued from my throat, building in intensity until I roared.

Natalie’s tongue instinctively tried to force me out when I started to come, but when she gripped my hips I held on, pumping my pleasure straight down her throat. Then she yanked her finger from my ass and I made a sound unlike any I’d made before. My hips bucked anew as a few more tremors pulsed through my cock.

Finally, I cupped her cheeks and watched myself withdraw from her mouth. Wasting no time, I guided her lips to mine. She stuck out her tongue and let me have the thin, salty rope I’d left there.

Floorboards creaking upstairs had us jumping up, giggling like teenagers as we yanked on our clothes and dashed to the kitchen. There was no point in us going to bed. It was after four in the morning and the kids would be up at five. Then everyone would be woken by their squeals of delight and twelve hours of present opening, eating, and drinking would ensue.

Watching Natalie wash her hands and swill her mouth with wine made a lump form in my throat. Many of the wrapped parcels beneath the tree were mine, but the best gift I’d ever been given was standing by the kitchen sink with a lazy smile playing at the corners of her lips. I never thought I’d get another chance at love after the kids’ mother left me, and the day I met Natalie would always live in my heart as the day when all my Christmases came at once.

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