Just off the beaten track in the woods near my childhood home sits an old bench. It was made from the limbs that fell from a nearby oak tree during one of the more savage winters of my youth.

Leaning against the side of my car I stare at the weather worn seat. Just looking at it transports me back to 1942. I was eighteen then, and had just joined the army. A week before I was to move to the nearest barracks, my mother had thrown a party. It was one of those entire estate affairs where everyone and their dog showed up.

It was overwhelming so I’d escaped into the woods. I’d reached the oak bench before realising someone had followed me. Perching on the edge of the seat I watched the girl in the blue dress walk toward me. Her name was Daisy Williams and she had a white flower in her hair.

She was new in town, and very quiet. Graceful, beautiful, and sweet. It didn’t even occur to me to ask her what she wanted. I just watched her come closer, the rosy flush that always warmed her cheeks deepening with each step she took.

Daisy didn’t sit down when she reached me. She bent forward, brushing her lips over mine. I was stunned into silence when she climbed on top of me. Her dress settled over my thighs, her hand disappearing beneath it, unfastening my trousers. I couldn’t see a thing, but I felt it when her fingers wrapped around my cock.

Neither of us spoke.

But we both gasped as she stroked the tip back and forth between her lips, coating it in her juices. Taking me in a bit at a time, she cried out when I broke through the resistance that had been powerless to keep me out of that tight wet cunt.

Squeezing her eyes closed, Daisy held onto my shoulders and fucked me. Nothing she could have said or done would have been sexier than the way she moaned in the moment when her pained grimace turned into a delighted little smile.

I lay back, watching her expression change, feeling her juicy cunt sliding up and down my throbbing cock. Then I was pulling her against me, filling her with so much come I knew it would be running out of her for hours. To my surprise – and hers – she came too.

Just standing here looking at that bench, I feel everything I felt that day. It was the first time for both of us, and I will never forget it. But that was the past, and in the present I had a home to go to. Getting back in the car, I picked up my phone to call my wife. Finger hovering over the photo of her that our son had placed on there for me, I smiled. Aah, my Daisy. Still as beautiful today as she had been then.


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