Unnervingly Unnatural

When I saw what the latest Kink of the Week topic was, I knew I had to take part, and I knew I had to ramble on about my own wonky self rather than weave a web of fiction.

See, I’ve made it no secret that I’m a lover of teeth. They’re the first thing I notice about a person and there’s nothing that makes my belly flip harder than a crooked toothed smile. Honestly, I love it when someone cracks out a grin and I spot a wonky (or pointed) canine or a chipped front tooth. It’s enough to make someone beautiful to me. I like bodies, sure, but even the most perfect of forms can lose its appeal for me if I don’t find its owner’s smile attractive.

Why am I going on about teeth in a post about eyes?

Well, after my (grossly objectifying) mind has appraised a person from their smile out and concluded that I don’t find them particularly attractive, all it takes to turn that stance on its head is a pair of coloured contact lenses.

I’m not sure why, but coloured contacts have the uncanny ability to turn me on with immediate effect, even if they’re in a face that I’m indifferent to. It’s happened both in real life and with characters on screen. And do you know what? The more animalistic or unnatural the lenses are, the wetter I get.

The first time this ever happened with a non-celeb was way back in the late 90s. A friend of mine (who wasn’t ‘my type’) showed up to a party wearing icy blue cat eye contacts and a shit ton of black eyeliner, and I’d never been so infatuated with a face before. I kept catching myself staring and licking my lips, and by the end of the night I was arse over tit in lust. I wanted him to fuck me and I wanted him to glare, unblinking, right at my face as he did it. It fucking killed me that I, a woman, was not his type at all, lol.

I dreaded seeing him again cos I was young and ever so dramatic in the face of what I’d convinced myself was unrequited love. But, eventually, we did end up at another party together. I filled my lungs and held my breath as I approached him, and when he turned around…humph! Every ounce of passion I had for him faded as I took in his god given brown eyes and even-toothed smile. That’s when I realised that I had a thing for contacts.

Since then I’ve encountered loads of faces wearing contacts that have given me the belly wobbles. Wolf eyes work for me, tiger eyes work for me, and (squirming a bit now) so do snake eyes. They’re all familiar types of eye, but they’re wholly unnatural in a human face. I find the feral, dangerous edge that animal contacts bring to someone’s appearance so frigging hot.

But what’s even hotter to me is a pair of unnatural contacts. Those that turn the irises blood red, the pupils white, or the entire sclera coal black. Those that are, in some ways, frightening and disturbing.

When I see them, I stare. I pull my gaze away then feel it sliding back against my will as my heart races in anticipation of another glimpse. The person catches me looking and I snap my gaze away, feeling embarrassed and warm. Then I look again and they’re smirking because they know now that I can’t help myself. I feel slightly ashamed of this lack of self-control and how utterly rude I must seem, but that shame only serves to heighten my arousal.

The real kicker for me is when whoever I’m staring helplessly at stares back. Some will still be smirking. Others will arrange their features in such a way, I can tell that they’re trying to use their strange look to intimidate me because, rightly so, they don’t appreciate some strange woman gawping at them while they go about their business.

But there’s a certain type of person who will hold my gaze while slowly intensifying theirs. They tilt their chins toward their chests so that they’re looking at me through their lashes. They blink slowly, sometimes giving me a lopsided smile, sometimes licking or biting their lips. This gentle tease makes me feel like I’ve been snared in some creature’s trap, like I’m prey that’s been well and truly caught.

This has only happened a few times. Twice with strangers (one of them in London just before the Eroticon meet and greet) and once with someone I know. He was wearing red vampire lenses and clip on fangs (double whammy!!) and the more I stared the more he stared back. Christ, I eye fucked that guy all night long and the next time I saw him he remembered. He gave me a dirty grin and made a few suggestive remarks but, as I expected, his genuinely pretty green eyes just weren’t as spellbinding as his devilishly red ones.

I still maintain that teeth will forever be the first thing I notice about a person, but unnervingly unnatural contacts will always have the power to make even the plainest of faces utterly mesmerising in my eyes.

Eyes and Eye Contact

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