Love Links #7

About an hour ago, I went downstairs in search of sympathy and a hot toddy. What did I get? “Christ, you look like shit” from my kid and “Don’t kiss me, I can’t be having your disease when it’s the work Christmas party next weekend” from the Fella. Yep, I have the winter ills, folks, and neither of those two give a rat’s arse. My Christmas lights are a’twinklin’ and my cats are a’purrin’ though, so I’m a comfy, if snuffly, little Ella.

I’ve not spent a lot of time online this week cos of Christmassing and playing dead in the hopes that someone will bury me until this cold has gone, so my #SoSS post is gonna be a bit different this week. However, in its difference it’s gonna offer you so much more than its predecessor posts have ever done. Why? Cos I’m gonna give you a selection box of links to other people’s #SoSS posts! How’s that for being lazy but still wanting to be on the team?!

I’ll be back with my own picks next week but for now, check out what everyone else is loving…

Candy’s Pick ‘n’ Mix by Candy Snatch

Sharing the Love for the Ladies by Pixie Hart

Share Our Shit Saturday No 5 by Little Switch Bitch

Bottoms and Selfies, #SoSS #6 by Rebel’s Notes

Share Our Shit Saturday the “I Am Busy” Edition by Isabelle Lauren

#SoSS Number 2 by the Oooh Review

Trolling the Net #41 by Molly’s Daily Kiss

Recommended Reading #3 by Fire & Honey

#SOSS: 6 by Bondage God

Shadow Banning Stinks, #SoSS Smells Sweet by If Sex Matters

Whassamatter, this post not smutty enough for ya?
Then you need to check out the following links (click the images to go find something you love)


If images are more your thing, check out Sinful Sunday



Win A Doxy Number Three, For Free with Cara Sutra
Yes, Cara (or Santa Sutra for festive season) is giving away the fantastic, Doxy Number Three to one lucky bugger in her surprise Christmas giveaway! Y’all want this, peeps. Get entering cos the dinky Doxy is gonna be the top on everyone is talking about in 2018.

Enjoy, and remember, if you like it, share our shit.

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