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I had planned to be on the ball with this week’s #SoSS post, folks. Bright spark that I am, I made a template of my usual layout and promised myself that I’d whack links in as I read them, then fine tune the post on Saturday morning and get it published by lunchtime. Ah, I’m so naive. I made the template, sure, but not a frigging thing went on it. Seriously, I couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

Anyway, it’s the last weekend of November, and probably the last Love Links of the year that isn’t gonna be filled with so much Christmas spirit you could get bladdered just reading it. Premature jubilation haters needn’t get too excited, though, cos there is a wee hint of the season to be jolly at the end of this post. Down there, you’ll find links to a few Xmas giveaways that have been launched this week.

Along with those, you’ll find links to temperature rising images, thought-provoking blog posts, and erotica that could melt a Kindle, as well as the lowdown on some sexy products from the people who use them. Have at it, people!


Hot Octopuss Queen Bee by Dangerous Lilly
I have tried holding it at various angles. I have tried uncomfortably spreading my labia. I have tried numerous positions and I just cannot find any pleasure with the Queen Bee. I’m relieved that I can finally write this review and get it off my mind because I just don’t want to ever turn on, much less use, the Queen Bee again. I shouldn’t have to try this hard to get a sex toy to work for me.

Though I liked the sensations provided by the Queen Bee, I see a lot of my experiences reflected back at me from Lilly’s review. In a similar way to hers, would my labia the fuck have the shape of it unless there were four hands involved. Many of the opinions I’ve read about this toy have been quite positive, so it was good to see something I could relate to.

Still Wet from Last Night by Kayla Lords
It took a few minutes, I won’t lie, and plenty of adjustments, but a slow burn crept through my body. Orgasms don’t tend to sneak up on me. They’re either there or not. This one? These several? The big gush of fluid that poured from my body?

In a hot mash-up of a Masturbation Monday post and a sex toy review, Kayla Lords gives her opinion on the Queen Bee. Like me, she can come with PulsePlate stimulation, and she also struggled with the shape, but her thoughts end on a positive note rather than a negative.


She Was Poisoned by Your Utter Indifference and Lack of Human Decency by A Dissolute Life Means
In fact, I border on the disinterested altogether.  My sex drive is alive and well, but my hunger is gone.  I have finally been beaten into submission: I am no longer so eager to spread my legs hoping that this man might be like me only to be cast aside the next day.

This was a difficult post to read. Don’t think it’s because Hyacinth can’t write, though, because she can, her words flow beautifully. It was hard to read because, though I don’t know her, her words give me the impression that she’s a lovely person, and that she’s been treated badly in relationships. The sense that she’s despairing of ever finding the right balance with the right person truly made my heart ache.

The Power of Perception (Body Politics, Bikinis, and George Takei) by Emmeline Peaches
The answer was simple – I like George Takei and, because I liked him, I hoped that he would never be responsible of such a thing without considering the implications of that hope. By then taking a moment to reframe the situation away from Takei (the accused) and towards the Scott Brunton (the accuser) I was suddenly able to realize just how wrong that was.

Emmeline makes some great points in this post. Once or twice, I’ve found myself hoping that some accusations of harassment/sexual assault would turn out to be untrue, purely because I don’t want to hear that some celeb or other who I like has done such shitty things. It’s a terrible thing to realise how wrong – how completely dismissive and damaging – thoughts like that really are, and Emmeline explains it much more eloquently than I ever could.


The following post is a few weeks old now but I just came across it today, and when I read it I pretty much clapped at the end of every paragraph. I know it’s not a post in the spirit of #SoSS, but I related to it so much I just had to share. As a fat woman, I find that many men I meet in social situations react to me in one of three ways:
1) Like I’m barely glance worthy
2) Like I’m a character in Carry On Chubby Chick
3) Like something icky that you couldn’t pay them to put their hand in

Some of those men have gone on to tell me (all secretive like, and after a few pints) that they would fuck me cos ‘there’s just something so *pause – shifty-eyed room scan* grabbable about *pause – nod in my belly’s direction* big girls’, but their friends would never let them live it down so they’re afraid they’ll have to pass. Being refused sex I didn’t even ask for or want on the grounds that admitting he fancied fucking my fat form would get a dude flagged in one of those cunty “tag a mate who would tap this” memes is heartbreakingly hilarious to me. So yeah. I liked this post. A lot.

Liking Fat Girls is Not A Fetish by Miranda Kane for Metro
To say it’s a fetish rather than a preference is derogatory not only to the humble enthusiast, but also to plus size people all round. It gives the impression that if you have a love of the larger figure, you must be a fearful, crouching masturbator who cannot find a ‘normal’ relationship.

*content warning – here be stuff that is #NSFW*

Another One Bites the Dust by Tabitha Rayne

Tabitha’s images are always beautiful, so to see that she’d censored – defaced – one in protest was as sad as it was powerful. The message she’s sending with this picture hits hard, as does the closing of yet another account in the community.

Freedom of Expression by If Sex Matters
I love the voyeuristic vibe I get from this picture. Kinda like someone is sneaking a peek through a lens, be it a camera or a telescope. I love the lingering summery feel and, as the title says, the freedom of it. It’s just lovely.

Shine by G-Silicone
Okay, okay, I know this is another post that doesn’t really meet the usual #SoSS criteria of being from a bloggery blog, but I couldn’t not share it. I never knew Adam had thighs that would inspire Michelangelo to pick up his chisel, so there’s that, but I also love that his cheeky streak and desire to entertain shines through even when he’s bollock nekkid and draped with fairy lights.


Dirty Thoughts: A Great Pretence by Cyborg Dicks
The first smack of the paddle is so light that it barely counts as a smack. It’s more like a gentle meeting of leather to skin, and I know that it’s going to make him squirm in frustration. I can’t see his face, but maybe he’s biting his lip, wanting to tell me to hit harder but not wanting to have to say it.

This is hot, man! Whenever I write bondage or impact stuff, it’s nearly always MF or FF. I didn’t realise how juicy a scene like this featuring two trans men could be until I read this, and I particularly loved the paragraph I’ve shared above for two reasons; I relate to the bottom’s frustration so hard, and the visuals it gave me to carry me through the rest of the story were just…unf!

River by Confess Hannah
Did I say you could move?
… Okay, maybe that’s not what is going to happen right now.
I’ve made you nice and wet. Touch yourself.

Oh my. While I enjoy having my breath restricted, the thought of having water do it fucking terrifies me… in as many good ways as bad. I know I’d panic and drown the minute my nose touched the water so I’m not brave enough to let it happen. But even so, Hannah’s post has given me a yearning.

The Biter by Wriggly Kitty
I felt his teeth as he bit down. Sharp. Too much. Not enough.

If you only read one smutty post today, make it this one. It’ll only take you a minute to finish it, but you’ll end up thinking about it for hours.


£200+ Sexy Christmas Gift Bundle Giveaway
There’s a mighty big package up for grabs in Cara Sutra’s bumper Christmas giveaway! A board game, lubes, a bullet, massage oils, a mini stroker… go check it out and get your entries in.

Candy’s Christmas Giveaway
Win a cute as fuck Rocks Off Joycicle vibrator over at Candy Snatch Reviews!

Enjoy, and remember, if you like it, share our shit.

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