Love Links #4

I wish this past week had been a dick, folks, cos it’s fucked me so hard, so many times, I’d be bow-legged and smiling like the Cheshire Cat right now if it was. I’ve had some rage inducing days, and they’ve left me very little time to be reading through all the awesome content the blogging community has poured into the world since last Saturday.

But, today I’ve taken back my time. I’ve done some paid writing. I’m working on a few reviews and thinking about how to spin my next smutty yarn. And I’ve sat down with a Bailey’s latte, a couple of mince pies, and an emergency vibrator to check out some posts and bring you lovely peeps all the links. The following stuff grabbed my attention in all the best ways today, so get busy with those clicky fingers… 


Anatomy of a Negative Sex Toy Review (Or: the Mimic) by Epiphora
In a fit of rage, you pull up your masturbation notes and type: I…. just had an orgasm that made me angry.


Fear & Happiness by Ducky Doolittle
*CW: abuse, trauma & cancer*
I have little conversations with my body. I cheer it on. I remind myself I am strong and healthy. We just need to remove these parts. I will heal and I will pop up the stairs with my dog in tow again soon. It’s all temporary.

My Abuser is Dead and I Still Don’t Forgive Him by Formidable Femme
*CW: abuse, trauma, death)
But right now, I’m most exhausted from the expectation that survivors should be thankful that abusers are starting to “apologize.” That we should be endlessly grateful. That we should see all of this as a step in the right direction. And to me, the worst one: that we should forgive them.

*content warning – here be stuff that is #NSFW*

Sinful Sunday Week 344 by Unmentionable By Name

Do Not Adjust Your Set by Candy Snatch

As Day Follows Night by Clear Eyed Girl


Warm Down by Exhibit A
But it’s not easy to cede control with the blood pumping round my body like this – and she looks just a little too pleased with herself, especially when my cock twitches in her mouth and I let out an involuntary groan. She’s never been subtle about these things – it’s a trait I find both wildly attractive and periodically useful.

Wrong Number by Lascivious Lucy
I know all of your naughty, nasty thoughts,” he said and leaned forward to whisper in my ear.  He related a litany of my darkest fantasies in tantalizing, terrifying detail. 

Different Maps of Love by Kayla Lords
I’m not long and lean by any stretch of the imagination, but I know the image I present in a dimly lit room as I extend my full length. Breasts lifted. Nipples hard. Back arched. Come and get me.

When it’s All Cut Away by Tits and Test Tubes
I don’t know how long I squirmed under her, but just when I had forgotten about the knife she reminded me by dragging it – ever so softly – down my collar bone.


This week, I have another site to suggest for sex bloggers. Ace in the Hole is a blog written by a lovely person called Taryn. She produces in-depth reviews and interesting opinion pieces from the perspective of an asexual individual. On top of that, she also has a fantastic series about SEO for sex bloggers. As she does this kinda thing for a living, you can be assured that the info you read in that series is quality, and is geared to helping you keep your site SEO nice and healthy.

Taryn really is lovely, and so helpful, I thoroughly recommend giving her blog a visit and a follow. You can also follow her here on Twitter to keep up to date with her posts.

Enjoy, and remember, if you like it, share our shit.

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