Love Links #3

It’s SATURDAY! Yes, the weekend is here once again, folks, and to be honest, I’m a bit surprised. I reckon I must have been an abductee on a spaceship for a few days, cos I have no fucking idea what I did with Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

What I do know is, there have been some smashing posts flying around the sex blogging community this week. So many topics have caught my attention. Some of them I related to hard and others allowed me to peek into worlds I don’t live in, but all of them were interesting and powerful enough to make me sit and think, even on days where my attention span – and patience – had gone awol.

You’ll find some of those posts in the links below, along with a review that shows much bravery and dedication, some images to steam up your afternoon (one of them with words to steam up your everything else), and some sexy stories, of course. Have at them, people!


Drilldo Spiral Collection by The Big Gay Review


Square Peg, Round Hole: On Pegging, Submission, and Asexuality by Ace in the Hole

I tried to frame it as a service-based act. But it was hard to see a typically toppy act as something subby, especially when my partner was submissive through-and-through as well. I didn’t really know how to explain my own submissiveness to myself, much less articulate it for partners. (I was young, leave me alone.)

Pink Hair, Don’t Care!!! Learning to Love Myself by Candy Snatch

And then I began blogging. And through my writing and my site I realised I didn’t care about what other people thought. I must be me! Dying my hair back Atomic Pink I felt my heart burst with happiness as it dried and I saw the luminous craziness of my crowning glory again.

Don’t You know Who I Think I Am? by Bex Talks Sex

Seeing people like me being sexual with other people all over the gender spectrum reminds me that by expressing my gender I haven’t catastrophically limited my dating pool. My transness doesn’t mean that I can never be a part of any community that isn’t the trans community.

*content warning – here be stuff that is #NSFW*

Haircut Sensuality by Eugene Noale

Post Coital by If Sex Matters


Souvenir by Fire & Honey

He cradled my heels in his palms and then began inching his fingers up the inside of my calves. I winced as he neared my knees, quivering with anticipation and the teasing tickle as his hands climbed higher. He paused, his breath warm against my thigh.

Libraries Gave Us Power by The Other Livvy

She didn’t touch herself while she read. Instead, she let the stories wash over her, allowing the words to work their way under her skin until she could feel the touches described on the page.

Dance with Me by Molly’s Daily Kiss

I linger in the shadows for a moment and watch you. You look directly at me but the darkness is my friend and not yours and it makes me smile to see you search into its depth for me. Just when I sense you are about to retreat I let the darkness fall away and I step into the clearing with you. Your eyes light up when they see me and a smile of pure joy adorns your lips. I have you now and I know it.

Begging Letter by Posy Churchgate

I miss you as soon as you leave.  I hear your tread on the stairs and the slam of the door and already I’m desolate with longing.  Your cum is still dribbling out of my pussy, making my fleshy folds wet and sticky, and yet I’m longing for you.


For those reading this post who are also sex writer types, I’d like to spin you around and point you at a relatively new site; The Smutlancer. A brainchild of the fantastic Kayla Lords, The Smutlancer is a veritable wellspring of information for sex writers of all experience levels who want to monetise their work.

Check out the site, sign up for the newsletter, and follow the Smutlancer on Twitter here if you want to learn things like:

  • how to pitch your work to publications
  • what the different types of sex writing are
  • how to make social media work for you
  • how to organise your thoughts & ideas when you’re having too many (or not enough) of them
  • if and when writing for free is ever a good idea

And a whole load of other invaluable stuff besides, all of it from a person who has already navigated all of these minefields in order to build herself a successful Smutlancing career. If you have something to contribute to Kayla’s treasure trove of resources for sex writers, there’s even a page for submissions. Go check it out 😀

Enjoy, and remember, if you like it, share our shit.

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