Love Links #2

Welcome to this week’s edition of Love Links! I’ve been a bit naive with this meme, folks. I thought that a weekly edition would be easier to compile than the monthly one I had planned. I mean, choosing faves from a seven-day pool rather than a thirty-day pool should be a breeze, right? Yeah, I thought so too, but I was wrong. This community puts out so much good stuff on a daily basis so it was just as hard. I argued with myself (out loud) and even tossed a coin to help me choose between two posts from the same blogger.

There’s a little bit of everything in these links. Life-saving health info, life-changing realisations. In-depth reviews, cute and disturbing – yet all entirely sexy – images, and some filth that took my breath away. I’ve even upped my link love from eight to ten, because I’m the boss around here and I can do that, lol.

So, here they are. Have a read through the excerpts and click the titles if you want to see more. And trust me, you really do want to see more.


Mantric Remote Control Love Egg by Miss Jezebella

However, the vibes still felt nice, and there was lots of fun to be had, if not orgasms. I really enjoyed using the egg during oral sex, for example. It didn’t get in the way at all and felt really great every time my vagina contracted in pleasure.


Understanding Breast Cancer by Emmeline Peaches

Abnormal cells still go about their business of multiplying but abnormal cells can only make more abnormal cells and the cluster that these cells form make up tumors which can sometimes be a sever risk and are thus defined as cancerous.

A Catharsis of Body Positivity by Eugene Noale

No matter how confident I was, there was always a fear, a reservation, a judgement and I could never full give myself to the moment. Not during sex, not while meeting new people, not while dating. I was always holding back, always hiding, always a little ready to run away or fight someone if they put their judgements about my body on me. I’ve carried that shame and it’s limited moments of joy in my life.

*content warning – here be stuff that might be #NSFW*

Mr. Oogie Boogie by Sub Bee

Howl at the Moon by Molly’s Daily Kiss

#SSoS Sharing for the Win by Tabitha Rayne


Halloween Story: Come Back by Girl on the Net

I’d bring him back, even if he were a shadow of himself, with all his loving detail destroyed. Kindnesses and memories deleted, only urges and instincts intact. I would breathe life into this precious creature until his limbs started to twitch and his eyes rolled and his lips parted to murmur groaning words I could not understand.

The Hunger Moon by Oleander Plume

“I’ll play with you like a cat with a mouse until you’re completely spent.” Snake rubbed the pad of a thumb across one of Gunner’s nipples, making him shiver even harder. “I already wore out Sugar.”

The Coaching Inn by Books1799

Abigail continued expertly thrusting the dildo, pausing sometimes to treat herself to a taste of her friend’s juices.

Libraries Gave Her Power by Hannah Lockhardt

With a final push as deep as she could, Gloria removed her fingers and used them to trace the outline of Julia’s mouth and between her lips, where she licked at them desperately.

Enjoy and remember, if you like it, share our shit.

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