Love Links #1

This post was initially intended to be the first part of a simple two-part round-up, posted on the first of every month, in which I gave kudos to my favourite sex blogger posts from the previous month. It was supposed to be my way of getting rid of that nervous bubbling I get in my belly every time I write a comment on a story or review that is only relieved when I abandon said comment and crawl back under my rock.

But, in the last few days, things have happened that have changed what these round-ups are going to be. The sex blogging and writing community – hell, the adult industry in general – is once again under fire. Slowly but surely, we are being silenced. Social media platforms are cloaking us, website hosts are closing us down, payment sites are making it impossible for us to receive support from our readers and even payment for work we have done.

Now, more than ever, sex bloggers and writers need the support of not just our readers, but also each other. We need to make sure we are all seen, and thanks to some great posts by Girl on the Net and Eros Blog, a new meme has been born to help make that happen:

It stands for Share Our Shit Saturday. A non-committal, do it as often as you feel is right for you, content sharing movement. As well as sharing posts on social media, #SOSS is a mini round-up in which we share other people’s stuff directly from our sites in the form of a linkadelic blog post. So, the monthly pair of posts – Three Things and Frisky Four – that I had planned for November 1st have been merged together and will now be Love Links. Just know that, whenever you see that post title pop up, there’s some good stuff to be read.


Fleshlight Freaks Zombie Dildo by Joanne’s Reviews

It’s also gruesomely anatomically correct. With rotting flesh tearing, splitting and with chunks missing, showing you the internal elements of an erect penis. It even features spots, boils, and pustules. So it appears that the artist who created it wanted to put as much stomach-churning detail into it as possible.


Why I Was Too Afraid to Speak Out by Candy Snatch Reviews
*content warning – sexual harassment & assault*

As the statement was read by management I was told a female undermanager remarked, “Well, she was always in his office…”
Remarks like that are the reason we feel we can’t report these things.


*content warning – here be stuff that is #NSFW*

The Marionette Doll by Aurora Glory

Abandoned by Molly’s Daily Kiss


Bound by Mischa Eliot

In his green eyes I saw something there, a spark or fire lit within. I continued to struggle for all I was worth, and then pretended to pass out. The killer stroked my cheek, petted my hair, and ran his hand down my body. He used the machete to slice open my crop top. I had to keep my breathing as shallow as possible. It wasn’t hard; I simply turned to the place in my mind that was as calm and empty as the void of space. 

Haunted Fun by Livvy Libertine

With a low hum she slipped her mouth all the way up to tip of his dick and sucked hard. Without fail she knew what set him off and this was one of his favorite feelings. He quickly emptied a hot load into her mouth, which she happily swallowed and then grinned at him.

A Sacrifice of Blood by Cara Thereon

Her vision blurred at his touch, then faded. When it returned, she was lying naked on a bed staring up into the hungry eyes of a man. She still felt feverish and antsy, the feeling having intensified as he held her gaze. The urge to undulate, to rub herself against this man was so strong she let out a desperate moan. Oh, God, she needed him to fuck her before she burned up from the inside out.

I’ll Be Back by Rebel’s Notes

I want to be there, to sit on the couch or the bedside table and watch. I want to see her, want to see how he kisses her, how his mouth moves down to her nipples, one after the other and his hand roams her body, finally finding that wet spot between her legs and pushing his fingers deep inside her. 

Enjoy and remember, if you like it, share our shit.

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