Christmas Shopping with my Sponsors

A Quick Guide to the Most Giftable Sex Toys Scandarella’s Sponsors Have to Offer

Oh my giddy aunt, there are only 14 more sleeps to Christmas! Are y’all finished your shopping? Yeah, neither am I. I’m writing list upon list of what to get and for who, then checking it twice and realising that I got them that last year, or for their birthday, or that it was only in my head because they expressly told me it was what they categorically didn’t want. Aaargh!

I sometimes wish I could buy all the adults on my list sex toys. It would be so much easier cos I know my shit when it comes to bedtime playthings. Here’s a short list of toys I would totally buy for my mates if I thought they wouldn’t wig out on me, and you can pick them all up at one or more of my fabulous sponsors! There’s even a discount or two thrown in, especially for you, my lovely readers…

Five Things from Luxury Vibrators in Canada

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Lulù Ceramic Dildo by Persian Palm

Some of the most beautiful sex toys I’ve ever seen have come from the kilns at Persian Palm in the Tuscany region of Italy. There are bunch different shapes to choose from, whether you like smooth shafts or textured, butt plugs or dildos. These solid ceramics are handpainted and the world is your oyster when it comes to how the finished piece looks. You can send in your own design and have it drawn on to the shape of your choice, or you can choose something from the pre-made lines. The stunning Lulù in full 24kt gold would be an extra special gift for a textured dildo lover to unwrap on Christmas morning.

Liberator Black Label Wedge

Liberator products are endlessly fascinating to me. They’re so simple, yet just introducing one piece into to your sex life can mean the world of change. They’re not just for holding crazed up positions for hours on end, either. They work just as brilliantly when used as a simple support during tried and tested positions. They take pressure off joints, support the back, neck, or hips. I like to use my Wedge to keep my hips elevated during solo play to give myself easier access to my genitals, and a friend of mine has discovered her Wedge helps keep her baby bump comfy and gives her somewhere to rest her knee while she snuggle fucks with her partner. I reckon anything from Liberator is a great idea for a gift.

Doxy Number Three

Many things appear in miniature form this time of year. Perfumes, chocolates, booze… and now one of the greatest massage wands on the market has had the shrinking treatment because Doxy has taken the magic of their Diecast, weaved a few spells and unleashed the Doxy Number Three on the world. I haven’t reviewed my No 3 yet so consider this a spoiler: it’s incredible. So much of the power of the full sized version is right here in this tidgy one. It’s rumbly, the firm (detachable) silicone head is small enough to deliver mains powered vibes with pinpoint accuracy, and because of the reduced size, it’s easier to use during sex and also masturbation. Seriously, even though I already have one, I’d be bloody delighted to find another one beneath my tree. It’s just that good.

LELO Hugo Prostate Massager

There’s no way I could do a gift guide without giving the good old Hugo a nod. It’s a super-powered prostate massager with a perineum tickling base that hits the spot for the Fella each and every time. Compact, rechargeable, remote controlled and made of silky soft silicone, it really is a treat for the butt. It’s not a one-trick pony, though. Clitoral orgasms can be had with the Hugo, and depending on your anatomy, so can g-spot orgasms. This one small toy can do so many things it’s a perfect gift choice for the person you know will let you share.

Pulse III DUO by Hot Octopuss

If the person you’re buying for has a penis, you should check out the Pulse III DUO. It’s possibly the laziest solo wank that penis is ever gonna get. The winged wonder holds the shaft in its tight embrace while the patented PulsePlate hammers away at a rate of knots, basically bullying its user until they come. It’s aggressive, effective, and powerful enough to bring about a hands-free orgasm in less than a minute. With the DUO there are added vibes too, so the lucky receiver can invite a friend to play. Now that’s my idea of a Merry Christmas!

Five Things from Forbidden Pleasures

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Doxy Original

If there’s one sex toy I reckon everyone should own, it’s a Doxy. Not even a fancy Diecast Senior or Junior, just the plastic cased original. This mains powered magician has been responsible for so many of my (and the Fella’s) orgasms it’s unreal. Broad clitoral stimulation is the name of the game with this one, so if whoever you’re buying for is in to that you’ll be onto a winner. Yeah, it’s powerful but it’s only a shock to the system if you rev it up as far as it’ll go. What’s more, it isn’t just for the clit. There are dozens of silicone attachments out there that can turn the Doxy into a g-spot vibrator, or a p-spot massager, or even a penis stroker. If your giftee only wants one toy that they can use for more than one thing, this would be it.

Fleshlight Go Ice Torque

Fleshlights are awesome, and not just for the cock that goes in them. I mean, they are rather fantastic for that given that (according to many people, the Fella included) once they’re warmed up and lubed up they feel as close to the real thing as any toy is ever gonna get. But if you pick up a Fleshlight Go Ice Torque, the clear casing is gonna have you very much in on the action whether you’re hands on or not. You can see inside of the toy. See the penis moving inside it. That’s so fucking hot I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it, but I can tell you that there’ll be one of these beneath the tree in our bedroom this year.

Njoy Pure Wand

If you’re buying for someone who loves g-spot stimulation, a fabulous thing to slip in to their stocking is the Njoy Pure Wand. Supreme stainless steel in gorgeous packaging, the Pure Wand is a g-spotters wet dream. The curve makes missing the hotspot almost impossible, the rock hard bulbs offer either broad or pinpoint stimulation that’s relentless and delicious. Many people I’ve spoken to in the blogging community have discovered squirting thanks to this marvellous little thing. And the best thing about it? If it’s cared for properly it’ll last forever.

Icicles No 24

I know, I know, this one is nothing new. The Icicles No 24 has been around for ages but even so, it remains one of my very favourite pieces of glass. Tentacle lovers will fall instantly in lust with this thing, and so will lovers of glass dildos and, well, art, really. It’s thick, gorgeously textured, and perfect for temperature play. The packaging it comes in is totally giftable too, so I reckon it would be a wonderful gift to receive on Christmas Day.

Tantus Plunge

Here’s one for the spankers and spankees out there! A super fine silicone paddle with a wide spanking surface that delivers both sharp stings and deep aches, the Tantus Plunge has a silicone dildo for a handle. Switching between the two different ends is not only fun for all involved, but it cuts down on how many toys you have lying around while you play. You don’t have to worry about where the dildo rolls off to while you do your spanking cos it’s in your hand all the time.

Five Things from Bedroom Adventures

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Tokidoki Unicorn Wand

Why is this – a third wand – showing up in my gift guide? Basically, it’s because I want one. Lovehoney wands are known for being powerful but buzzy, and while some might not find that an exciting prospect there are many others who do. The Fella likes these kinds of vibes more than I do, but OMG, look at that design! How many unicorn wands are there out there? To my knowledge, just this one. It’s gonna appeal to anyone who likes cute things in general, but Tokidoki fans? Unicorn fans? just one look at it and they’ll cream like it’s Greased Lightning.

We-Vibe Bloom

The only exercise I do religiously all year-round is my kegels. Not even Christmas Day sees me without some kinda jiggle balls or kegel trainer all up in me. If your partner is the same – or if they would like to be but haven’t found the right set yet – a good one to start with is the We-Vibe Bloom. Not only does the Bloom boast We-Vibes fab vibrations, but the weight is adjustable. There are three weights to choose from, and the vibes are easily operated by the free to download and use We-Connect app. Something that makes this set more giftable than others is the vibes. For some, they will be good enough to use as a love egg, so fans of teasing, public sex toy use, and even sex with internal vibes will be delighted by this one.

Liberator Red Label Faux Leather Heart Wedge

Easily the most beautiful piece in the Liberator range, the Red Label Heart Wedge works in much the same way as the standard Wedge. It has all the same support and position enhancing potential, but there’s something a bit more special about this one. Its very lovely design means it can be hidden in plain sight, tossed on the bed like a sweet throw pillow. If you’re looking for a romantic gift that looks innocent but really isn’t, this Heart Wedge could be the one.

Fleshjack Boys Samuel O’Toole Dildo

Fleshjack Boys dildos are ace! Modelled on some pretty tasty looking pornstars, they’d make awesome gifts if you’re lucky enough to find a specific star’s offering. Samuel O’Toole’s dildo is obviously a great one for his fans, but even if (like me) your giftee has never heard of the guy, they might well still appreciate almost six-inches in length and over six-inches in girth of silicone cock. It looks pretty, it looks thick, and it would look fab surrounded bu shredded wrapping paper and a dirty smile on Christmas morning.

Liberator Fascinator Throe

This is the last thing from Liberator, I promise.  But I’d be doing sex toy lovers everywhere a disservice if I didn’t sing the praises of the Liberator Throe. A blanket might not seem like an awesome gift (it is, even if it’s not Liberator) but these ones are quite possibly essential for some folks. Does your giftee squirt? Do they like messy play, be it water sports, sploshing, or whatever else? Then they’ll probably adore you for saving them a fortune on bedsheets (and mattresses if they gush as fountainously as I do). They’re definitely a good idea, and I think they’d make a great gift.

Five Things from MEO

Keep Burning Cock Skull Dildo

Like I was ever gonna write a list that this dildo wasn’t on! If you’re looking for something to satisfy a size queen or to coax a smile from a goth, you need the Cock Skull Dildo. This thing is enormous, absolutely solid, and totally macabre. Its weight makes it fab for solo play, but the Fella tells me that there’s nothing quite so gratifying as inserting something so large into an orifice that has to stretch to take it, then watching it and them as you bring them to orgasm. If I didn’t already have one this would be at the top of my Christmas list. Poor Santa, lol.

Dr Sado Spiked Paddle

Now a little something for the masochistic…or the sadistic… or both. The Dr Sado Spiked Paddle is a massive sonofabitch. Made of cowhide leather, this paddle boasts twelve sharp spikes that stand out half an inch from the spanking surface. I can tell you from experience that this thing hurts like hell when it hits the skin. The spikes dig in and leave points of aching pleasure while the leather ricochets off the skin and stings like crazy. Whether your giftee likes to hurt or be hurt I’m sure this would be a welcome gift!

SenseVibe by Sensemax

Loads of people like the idea of dual stimulation but find that rabbit-style vibes are hit and miss. And some just don’t like the look of rabbits full stop. A great alternative is the SenseVibe. It’s a dual motored dual-stimulator but doesn’t have the slightly dated look of a traditional rabbit. It too can be hit or miss, but the yoga neck (that’s SenseMax speak for bendy, peeps) lets the user adjust the angle until they find their hotspots. Beautifully packaged in a sleek box with a hard plastic storage case-cum-charging dock, this vibe really does have that little extra something that makes it perfectly giftable.

Euphoria Collar with Ball Clasp

Okay, I have no experience with this collar whatsoever. So, why is it on a list of stuff I think are super giftable? I’ll tell you why… I’m the submissive in our house. The idea of seeing the Fella wearing a collar freaks me the fuck out, or rather it did until I spotted this one. As far as I’m concerned the Euphoria Collar is as hot as fuck and I would love to see the Fella in in it as much as I’d love to wear it myself. If a product is gonna drag that kinda reaction from me it’s going straight on my recommend list.

Cowhide Whip

My final top pick from MEO is another one for impact players. A gorgeously thuddy, seriously sexy cowhide leather nine-tailed whip. Or, you know, a big assed flogger. If the person you’re buying for loves the feel of heavy-weight, high-quality whapping tools in their hands, they’ll love this one. The thick handle is well-made, the braiding tight, and each of the tails is tipped with a little leather fan. Depending on how it’s used you can deliver heavy blows or light flicks, whatever your pleasure.

By Anna Rae

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Because they’re a relatively new company, I don’t have five picks for By Anna Rae. They only have a couple of products on the market so far. But what they do have is as brilliant as it is simple. Yep, By Anna Rae is the home of the awesome Cumpanion and Cuddle Bean after sex towels.

These things would make fab little stocking fillers. They only come in one size each – the Cumpanion being the larger, original option and the Cuddle Bean being a smaller travel-sized piece – but both have customisable colour options and you can also pick up a nifty little storage bag while you’re at it.

They’re super soft, absorbent, and just a great thing to reach for after you’re finished playing. Something else they’re good for is muffling wand vibrators for people who find them too powerful. We don’t reach for a ratty old towel once playtime is over, and haven’t done since we got our Cumpanion. I want more of these so I don’t have to wash mine multiple times a day. I’d be delighted to find a bundle of these waiting for me on Christmas morning and maybe your giftee will too.


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Here be something pretty special, folks. The Canadian company, Desirables, doesn’t have a lot of products on its website, but what it does have is all so very nice. Vegan massage candles, massage oils, and porcelain massage stones are a few of the lovely pieces you can pick up there, but the jewel in their crown is the Dalia Personal Massager.

It’s made of handpainted porcelain (you can choose either plain white, marble effect or the pretty, speckled ‘Love Dust’) and isn’t just a plain old dildo. It’s been designed to be used not just as a g-spotting tool, but also as a kegel exerciser.

There are gift sets available too, such as the Complete Experience in which you get the original (pure white) Dalia and a complete set of Adori Massage Stones. Whatever you choose I’m confident that your giftee will be bowled over by such an unusual, luxurious pressie.

So, that’s about it for this year’s Christmas top picks. I’d like to say a huge thank you to not just you, lovely readers, but also to my wonderful sponsors. Thank you all for your support, you can’t possibly know how much it means to me. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

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