The Bottom Line – Choosing the Best Anal Toys For You

Anal play. If you’re into it, it’s awesome. Slipping something as small as a pinkie finger in there can feel good enough for some, and others prefer anal toys. In general, the bigger the insertable, the more intense a sensation you’re in for. But big isn’t always better for everyone. Luckily, one way to maximise the sexy feels without maxing out your toy size, is to add a bit of vibration to your butt fun. have asked me to write a little bit about that, so here goes!

Safety First

Now, before anyone puts anything near their butt, they need to ask themselves one question: is it anal safe? The answer will only ever be ‘yes’ if your toy of choice has a flared base. Non-flared toys should never be inserted into the anus, and I’ll tell you why…

The muscles in your butt are designed to hold things in, despite the laws of gravity. They’re tight and strong, only allowing anything out when you say so (unless you’re ill). Their natural ‘pull’ is inward.

When you have an orgasm, your muscles contract. For some it might be a couple of mild pulses that feel nice while they last. But for others, an orgasmic pulse can be so strong it gives you a stitch. As your muscles contract, they lift. Guess what’s gonna happen to a straight vibe or dildo then. Yep, it’s gonna get sucked straight into the anus. From there, it could travel to your bowel, and from there you’re talking possible surgical help to retrieve it.

Nobody wants to have that conversation in A&E, so only toys with flared bases should be considered for use as anal toys. Many plugs have a round base with a slender neck, or they’ll have T-Bar base, and sometimes anchor bases. If you see a toy with a finger ring, make sure that ring is rigid. A soft one will easily squash, and that could result in your toy going AWOL.

Good job there’s so many anal safe products to be found, right?! Here are a few of them:

Anal Beads

Some folks look at anal beads and start stressing out. They look so long, and often supremely chunky. And yeah, you can get sets of beads that are both of those things, so you’re in luck if that’s your jam. But those who prefer their anal toys to be on the slimmer side needn’t fret. There are plenty of small strings of beads and rigid mini sets that are petite enough to satisfy those who prefer less of a stretch. The thing is, many of those products are too small to give much in the way of sensation once they’re inserted.

To combat the lack of pizazz in small sets of beads, look for something like the Rocks Off Petite Sensations Bubbles.

Anal beads with a bullet in their base do two things: increase the anal safety of the toy if it’s a finger loop, and totally change how it feels in use. The vibes travel through the glass (or silicone or whatever material you choose), stimulating the anal opening as well as offering internal tickles. Your mileage may vary with the bullets they come with, but you can always upgrade to something more powerful if the bullet is removeable. Something to be weary of is the claim that the vibe from these toys, once removed, can be used as an ‘anal bullet vibrator‘. Long story short, it can’t. It isn’t safe to do so.

Butt Plugs

Vibrating butt plugs can be so much fun! Available in so many sizes, some suitable for absolute beginners, all the way up to huge things to delight the eyes and butts of those well versed in anal play. You can pick up some gorgeous silicone plugs with removeable vibrators inserted into their bases, or if you prefer you could get a rechargeable one. These vibes usually can’t be removed, but for what you lose in versatility you gain in power.

Rechargeable vibes often pack more of a punch than battery powered ones. What’s more, you can easily find vibrating butt plugs that have fancy features. For example, this B-Vibe rechargeable plug has five rows of rotating beads in the neck, which replicate the sensations you might get from someone performing anilingus (rimming) on you. And it’s remote controlled, too!

Prostate Massagers & Probes

These days, anal sex for men is coming out of the closet. More and more, heterosexual men are backing away from the worry that liking anal makes them gay (spoiler alert; it doesn’t). They’re learning the benefits of anal play for not just their sex lives, but also for their health.

Prostate massage has the potential to heighten sexual pleasure, sure. It can even help a chap learn how to have multiple dry orgasms before going for a big ol’ ejaculatory cum shot. But on top of all that, it can help drain prostatic fluid, potentially aiding with erections, urination, and the prevention of prostate cancer.

So many toys are available to help with this, and many of them vibrate. Rocks Off do a great range of P-Spot stimulators (such as the pictured Cheeky Boy), all of them fitted with safely placed bullets. You can choose your size, your shape and texture, and get stuck in. The vibes feed into the prostate, and for some this helps them reach their immediate goal – usually orgasm – quicker than they would with a static probe or a finger.


For those who want it all, there’s the vibrating dildo. Moulded with a hole in the flared base to accommodate a bullet (or sometimes a full sized classic vibe) they give the butt that wants length, girth and vibrations exactly what it’s asking for.

Tantus make some gorgeous vibrating dildos (like the pictured Duchess), and places like Godemiche (who offer a custom service) will make your chosen shape with a bullet ready hole. Hell, they even supply the bullet!  But, as is the case with nearly all of these dildos, you’re free to remove the bullet and replace it with one of your own.

Maximum Vibes for Maximum Pleasure

For those who love their vibrating anal toys but can’t find anything that gives them the power they crave, there’s always wand attachments. If you have a mains-powered wand like the Doxy, look out for silicone attachments, like the Doc Johnson Kink one in the picture. Most of them will be anal safe as the insertable section usually stands at an angle to the wand’s head. Some will clearly state P-Spot to show they were made with anal play in mind, but any that are badged up for the G-Spot work just as well.

If you can’t find an attachment that ticks all your boxes, try using your wand with your favourite anal-safe dildo. Just get your toy inserted, crank up the wand to whatever intensity floats your boat, and hold it against the toy’s base. This type of anal play can be awkward to execute alone, but you could always invite a friend to play with you.

A Final Word

As always, please be aware of what materials you’re putting in your body. Many toy shops have plenty of good stuff for sale, but it’s sadly mixed in with too much bad. For the sake of your health, avoid anything made from TPE, TPR, PVC, rubber, sil-a-gel, or jelly. They’re porous, or toxic, or sometimes both. Some contain latex, some phthalates, but they all have one thing in common: they’re not good for you. This especially holds true for anal toys. The butt is full of bacteria that will love colonising these poor-quality materials.

Whatever anal toys you choose, make sure they’re made from: silicone, ceramic, glass, ABS plastic, or made for purpose wood, stone or metal. Select a safe material, a safe base, respect your limits, and enjoy your play!

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