The Fella and I are just one woman, and one man, out of the billions on this Earth. We both have our opinions, and as much as we adore one another, those opinions don’t always fall on the same side.

It’s going to be the same between me and you, lovely reader. As much as I would love to review a product and guarantee that it’ll bring you all of the orgasmic joy in the world, that’s just not possible, sadly. It also means that, whilst I might hate a product, there’s a possibility that it’ll be perfect for you.

All I can do is describe my personal experiences, tell you my opinions and hope that they help you in deciding whether or not you’re willing to take a chance on this product or that, or whether you’re going to hang on to see if what I review next looks more up your alley.

You may also notice as you browse through the site that I mention the use of affiliate links, and I’m sure you’ll have noticed the banner links down the right hand side of the homepage. If you enter a website through any of those links and go on to make a purchase, I will get a small amount in commission. This is paid by the company in question, and doesn’t cost you in any way, but it does mean that your purchase is supporting Scandarella, and helping me keep the content fresh, and to that I say a great big thank you!