Love Links #8

I’m no longer knocking on death’s door but I’ve been a busy gal this week, people. I’ve been trying to get ahead on reviews so I can take Christmas week off, working on my end of year round-up, and trying to figure out what I want to do for my blogiversary next month, all while testing new toys, scalding myself with hot tea, fixing my broken down house and trying to keep up with the runaway train that is Christmas.

Busy, busy, busy.

All that busy is actually great, but it also means I haven’t had a chance to get online and read. Some posts have caught my eye though, and the ones that I’ve loved are right here in this post. There are less links than usual and there’ll probably be less next week and the week after, too, but everything will go back to normal in January.


Sola Cue G Spot Vibrator by Candy Snatch

I’ve wanted to get my paws on a Sola product for ages now, and Candy’s review of the Cue has me jonesing for one even harder. I love g-spot stimulation so much and the idea of a toy with vibes that are powerful enough to allow me to take it easy on the thrusting but still achieve a bone-shaking orgasm sounds good to me!

Adrien Lastic Caress by Backwoods Bedroom

Every time I’ve seen a pic of this toy I’ve thought, haha, nope! It really does look like a facial massager with interchangeable heads that I had in my early 20s and I’ve very much doubted its orgasmic potential. But, Lauriann’s experiences with the Caress have made me rethink my initial assessment and now I’m super curious.


Carpe Diem by Exhibit A
He spoke eloquently, and with a depth of emotion that most of us are rarely capable of channelling coherently during our private conversations, let alone in front of a spellbound audience. He was, by turns, wry, reflective, funny, inspiring, and visibly, unapologetically consumed by grief. To listen to him was to feel – just for those few moments – the extent of our capacity to love another person, and our ability to bear the most devastating loss without crumbling into pieces.

Ah, Exhibit A’s post feels like it came exactly when I needed it to. My family is facing yet another ‘first Christmas without…’ this year and that’s such a difficult thing for all of us. A few of us have a tendency to feel bad about having a good time when someone we love is missing, but this beautiful post about death and the vibrancy of life reminded me that in celebrating our lives we’re also celebrating theirs. There will be an empty seat at our table this Christmas but, when someone proposes a toast, I’ll make sure I raise my glass with a smile for the person who should be in it.

*content warning – here be stuff that is #NSFW*

Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing by Pain As Pleasure

It’s all about the hands for me. And the belt. The belt in the hands, OMG!

You Showed Me by Hannah Lockhardt

Hannah writes beautiful words, but something else that often strikes me about her is that stunning pout. Girl looks good in red lippy!


Trust Me, No One Can See by Nero Speaks
The orgasm was near, because she started slapping her cunt with her open hand, completely unabashed as the loud clapping sound reverberated in the crisp night air.

This post pretty much had me at the title, cos for some reason my mind delivered it to me in an arousal roughened whisper. One of my most beloved and despised phrases (in a sexual context) is ‘trust me’ and I was on the edge of my seat reading this story, eager to get to the part when the character would utter it. The lead up was priddy hot and I love the potential in the cliffhanger ending.

Tidal Wave by Wriggly Kitty
Oh tell me I’m a good girl. No, tell me I’m your good girl. Stroke my hair, grip my neck to ground me as I rebuild. Surround me with your arms, let me feel small against your big whilst I come round.

This post begins with an outpouring of frustration then snaps into a declaration of ‘this is what I want’. Wriggly Kitty describes something that is so familiar to me and now I can’t wait until the Fella gets home so I can curl up in his lap and purr.


-06.12.17_15:09- by Dokurtybitz

In just a handful of lines, this poem manages to invoke all of the feelings I used to feel when I’d leave the Fella in bed at 5am while I left for work (and I know he feels this way nowadays when he leaves me at 5am). Desire, need, frustration, resentment, body walking out of the door but mind still very much inside the house…


Christmas Giveaway: Win a Rocks Off Joycicles Vibrator

The lovely Nat over at Cooler than a Glass Dildo is giving away a funky Joycicles vibe! These cute little things look good and feel great so get your entries in, folks!

Enjoy, and remember, if you like it, share our shit.

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