Love Links #23

Just a quickie this week, folks, cos I be super busy. I have paid work to power through and I really need to get it done not just because it’s due but also because I’m obsessed with The Umbrella Academy on Netflix and I must continue watching. I honestly can’t remember the last time a show made me properly LOL all the way through and my life now depends on all that giggling. Here are a few hot picks that I’ve read this week, I hope you enjoy them 😎

The Space Between Us
Oh. Tabitha Rayne’s piece is a short one, but there’s so much emotion jammed in it, in a situation that I have experienced so many times, it’s enough to choke. It’s not often I sit and just stare after reading a blog post, but…yeah. TW: eating disorders, mental health

O Lab: Meter Test 35/Subject 182
If I feel despair because I’ve reached the end of a blog post I know it was a good one. Kisungura has written a piece that had my mind hopping from sci-fi to steampunk to dystopia and back again, which I loved, and it was priddy hot, too. I kinda want to have a cheeky go in the O Lab now, fate be damned.

If I Could Tell You These Things
There’s as much emotion jammed into E.L Byrne’s post as there is Tabitha’s. So much affection, so much caring, but also an uncertainty that brings more than a small amount of what felt like fear to me. From the first line “If I could say the things I feel, open my heart fully and let my mouth follow, I would say things that might scare you.” it really had me hooked.

Rules are Rules: The Love Tester
Ooh! Missy’s piece is over in a flash (in the spirit of the FriFlash meme) and it leaves me wanting to know more. I love the use of the love meter’s handle and I love the kind of love it seems to be testing.

Wicked Games
I expired and now I am no more. This escalates so frigging quickly and it’s so dirty hot my knickers may well be slick. Like filth? You’ll love this.

Enjoy, and remember, if you like it, share our shit.

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