Love Links #22

Something that never fails to shock the shit out of me is seeing the date I published my last blog-link love-in. It never feels like it, but months and months pass and I’m left wondering (hoping?) I’ve been abducted by aliens cos where the fuck do all those days go?

See, while I do my very best to read my fellow bloggers works of wonder as often as I can, I nearly always do it from my mobile phone. When I find something I love I take screenshots, telling myself that they’ll help me remember which posts I wanted to share. And I promise myself that, when I’m putting my post together on the computer, I’ll try to comment or at least abuse the like button to let folks know that I’ve stopped by. Then I purge my phone’s gallery and lose all the sodding screenshots.

Times are a’changin’ though, cos I got a miraculous thing this week and it’s super sad how much it’s transformed the way I do things. Folks, I’m 39 in a few months and I just got my first table-top planner. A pretty paper and pen job that’s turned me from a tit who’s constantly chasing her own tail to someone who, you know, plans stuff. And it works even better than my bujo! Well, not when it comes to tracking my¬†water intake and my poops, but I digress.

But yeah, instead of screenshots that get lost, I use the planner. A quick note of the bloggers’ names reminds me I wanna share their shit. And I can’t lose this list like I do Post-Its cos it’s massive. Thus, the first fruit of this new organisational marvel is the comeback of Love Links! Enjoy, folks ūüĖ§


I Experienced Genetic Sexual Attraction
This super interesting piece,¬†hosted by Girl on the Net,¬†was written by May More of If Sex Matters fame. In it, May talks about her adoption and what happened when she traced and met up with her biological family. I’d heard of GSA but it had always come with an edge of grubbiness, as anything connected to incest is wont to do. But May’s account shone a different (more reasonable) light on this uncomfortable strain of attraction. By the end I have to admit that my heart ached a little. Right or wrong, wanting what you shouldn’t have really does¬†blow.¬†

Queer Sex Diaries:  A Taste of Submission
So, this isn’t a recent piece, but I only just discovered it in the past couple of weeks and I’m sharing cos y’all need to read it. While I do love nigh on all of the sexy stuff my fellow bloggers write, I can safely say that shoving a piece under the Fella’s nose and saying ‘I want that’ isn’t something that happens all that often. But Betty Butch’s story of fruit¬†salad and spanking made me at least seven different kinds of hungry so I couldn’t not share it with him.

My Hand Fetish
Ohhhh, I love men’s hands! I’ve embarrassed myself many a time by getting caught mouth agape while watching fingers flex around screwdrivers, palms flattening documents, fists whapping the shit out of bread dough. When we’re in the car I don’t look out the windows, I watch the Fella’s hands on the wheel. Flexing tendons, shifting knuckles, and that little pinkie flick to knock on an indicator light. Ooofff!¬† So fucking hot. Hands aren’t a fetish for me as they are for Violet Fawkes, though. Reading about unattractive hands having the potential to put her off a man reminds me a lot of my contact lens fetish.

Through the Open Window Part 1
When I got to the end of this piece by Morgan I was like, “Whaaaa? Why end now tho?!” I’m so here for anything creepy or taboo, and this has plenty of both. Situations that I know would be hazardous to my health in real life are so hot on paper (figuratively speaking) and even though this story didn’t even contain any sexual activity, the disturbing edge and the potential danger were knicker-wettingly hot.

The Transformation Ritual
Oh wow, Jayne Renault writes such vivid pieces! Just a few lines in and off I go into the scene, watching the setting and characters appearing as she paints the picture. This piece reminded me a lot of my teen/tweenaged self getting ready for a night out with a view to getting naked at the end of it.

Will He Let Me?
If you wanna read something a little bit scorching hot, check this piece by Dr. J out. It’s super sexy, I promise. That is all.


…And God help us all. Hosted by the lovely¬†Livvy, EuphOff is an erotica competition with a twist. Rather than writing their best,¬†erotica writers are given a short prompt and encouraged to do their worst. Seriously, some of the past offerings were so bad they were entirely brilliant. I took part last year and my revved up atrocity parked itself in second place.

This year the prompt is ‘love sausage‘ and whatever you choose to write about, your 500-word piece must include that phrase. And there are prizes, too! So if you fancy trying your hand at innuendo-packed, cliche-laden, euphemism-filled erotica, you have until 31st March to get it done.

Enjoy, and remember, if you like it, share our shit.

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