Love Links #21

In the past two weeks I’ve been ruined, folks. Ruined in the best of ways. How? It was my turn to do roundups for Wicked Wednesday last week and Masturbation Monday this week, and meme queens, Marie Rebelle and Kayla Lords, both gave me super spooky, Halloween themed prompts! My fellow bloggers brought the tricks and the treats with some fabulous pieces, making choosing my top picks so very hard. You’ll find links to my fave threes below, along with some other awesome posts. Not all of them are Halloween themed, but I promise you that they all deserve your clicks. Check them out and don’t forget to leave some comment love, give ’em a share, or mash the old like button so all these lovely blogger folks know you stopped by.

Stone Creek Hotel by Molly’s Daily Kiss

Unearthly Sounds by Rebel’s Notes

Between the Worlds by Floss Does Life

Taphophile by Kisungura

The Crow’s Whore by Floss Does Life

Devil’s Fingers Part 5 by Nicci Haydon


Plus-Size Lingerie and Body Love by Coffee & Kink
This link could easily have been in the blog posts section of this round-up. While reviewing some of Lovehoney’s freshly launched plus-size lingerie, Amy talks about the effects of her current size on her body image and the fatphobia she’s encountered. I think she seriously rocks the pieces in the pics she’s included, they’re beautiful and so is she.


Men Should STFU! by Pain As Pleasure
This is a post that will be appreciated by women the world over and should be read by men the world over. It means so much to read about a man acknowledging that most abuse is about power and that a lot of it is actually quite subtle. It took me until my late 20s, early 30s to recognise this, so it stands to reason that many, many men will still be oblivious to it. This post is a call to men to stop and think. To consider their behaviour and to call out others – even their mates, coworkers, family – when they see them flexing their male entitlement. I truly hope this thinking catches on and that, rather than hearing ‘not all men’ every five minutes we’ll start hearing ‘not any more’.


Cracked by Kisungura
This is so raw and emotional, I had actual heartache when reading it. And it left me with a longing. A deep, needy longing.

Always by Ria Restrepo
It’s killed me! So lovely, so heart-wrenching, so sexy. And there’s some spooky in there, too. All the things I love.

The Ghost of Christmas, Present by Mrs Fever
Feve writes so bloody well I ended up with Christmassy candles burning away in my Halloween holders while I hunted out my candy cane glass dildo. That’s basically against the law in Scandarella House but this piece kindled the Christmas spirit in me and it’s here to stay.

Enjoy, and remember, if you like it, share our shit.

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