Love Links #20

Ah, we’re halfway through October and I’m the happiest I’ve been since… well, since last October. My house is full of flashing pumpkins, witchy candles, and the smell of wintery spices, as well as home baking that I shouldn’t but have been indiscriminately shovelling down my neck. My bedside table is piled high with ghost story books, my DVD player has been a conveyor belt of Halloween movies.

But not really scary ones, though. Cos, fun fact, I can’t watch horror movies cos I’m a big ole coward.

Seriously, she who was recently called the goddess of gothic erotica by one of her fave writers (my ego came hard when I read that tweet, lemme tell ya) can’t watch anything too creepy/stabby/psychologically head-fucky without chucking up then sleeping with the lights on for half a year. I like my words to be as black as ink and straight from hell, but I prefer my Halloween movies to come with a double dose of Disney.

I’m on my tod tonight so I’m gonna snuggle with my kitties and watch something old (Death Becomes Her). Then I’m gonna snuggle the Fella’s pillow and read something new (Prince Lestat). Before I do any of that, though, I’m gonna provide y’all with some links to some awesome blogs. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did. 


Lovehoney All Tied Up Beginners BDSM Kit by SubsMissives
Sub is a chap who definitely knows his bondage gear! Check out what he thought of this bumper kit from Lovehoney.

Frisky Beast/Twin Tail Cybersaur by Super Smash Cache
Big dildos are good dildos. I really enjoyed this review, it’s made me curious, my want monster is now wide awake.


Primal Play – Setting the Scene by Charlton Tod
This is an informative post so I’ve listed it here, but something in me really wanted to put it down there with the erotica links. It’s just seriously hot and the slightly clinical, educational tone made it all the more so. I basically want to be chased, caught, and eaten now.

BDSM Diaries: My Collar by Little Switch Bitch
I enjoyed this post for many reasons. One of those reasons was my relationship with my own collars. Their importance, what they represent to both me and the Fella. Another reason is, I’ve known LSB for a good few years now and I remember that two week period where she was forced to remove her beads. Their absence had her super distressed, but she wasn’t really sure why, and it was lovely to read that she figured it out their importance in the end.

The Intensity of Not by Pain as Pleasure
This is an awesome piece that I can definitely relate to. Sometimes not getting something that I expect from play has a much deeper effect on me than getting it would.

What’s In My Toy Box by Princess Previews
Folks who have been reviewing sex toys for a while often end up with rather large collections. I love getting an insight into what my fellow bloggers are keeping close at hand, be it in toy boxes or bedside drawers. Seeing if they share any of my personal faves is always fun.


The Curse Series by May More
I think I may have shared this particular link in the past, but I’m offering it up it again cos, if you’re gonna get the best out of this series, you need to read it from the beginning. It’s slightly taboo and all about the monthly red stuff. Just so you know.

Mad John by Eve’s Temptations
I really enjoyed this post. The fetish, the handling of it, the reaction to it… every part of it is just awesome.

An Arachnophobia Nightmare by Aurora Glory
I don’t need to tell y’all what this story is about, the clue is in the title. What I will tell you is that it’s a brilliant piece and the twist at the end is, umm, breathtaking.

A Find White Thread by Molly Moore
This is such a good story. It has all the feel of a dreamy fairytale at the beginning and then Molly opens a can of Halloween on Tan’s ass. Also, the image that goes with this post is horrifying in the best of ways.

Enjoy, and remember, if you like it, share our shit.

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