Love Links #18

So much time has elapsed since I started compiling Love Links #18 you’ll find that some of these posts are a couple of months old. I wish I could say I’d spent a lot of that time being a busy wee bee, but I’d be lying. Some of it was spent on the sofa feeling sorry for myself, and only the latter few weeks have seen me emerge from the hole I was in. If you wanna, you can read my whinge about that here. But if you’d rather read some awesome, non-whingy stuff, check out the links below. Each and every one will lead you to marvellous places, I promise you.


Uberrime Essential Gentleman by Emmeline Peaches

Split Peaches Unicorn Horn by Candy Snatch Reviews


Notes from the First Year of Long Distance Love by Nooky Ever After

Be Afraid by The Other Livvy

Boxed In by Molly’s Daily Kiss

On Fatherhood by Exhibit A

Labelled Lazy: Motivation and Depression by Miss Jezebella

Share Your Pain & It Will Go Away by Aurora Glory


Tell me how it feels – Mrs Fever

I walk past her face by Cara Thereon

A Hot Flash in a Tent by Tabitha Rayne

The Pirate’s Life for Me by Lascivious Lucy

Enjoy, and remember, if you like it, share our shit.

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