Love Links #17

Yay, it’s linky link time! I know, it’s been ages. Something like, two months *gasp*. My fellow bloggers have posted so much awesome stuff (nowt new there, they’re all ace) I could have spent all day adding links to this list. But there’s a plate of bbq and a pina colada with my name on em out in the garden, so I’m heading back out there to lurk in the shade of my apple tree and curse the ever loving fuck out of the sun. Seriously, this weather is starting to feel like attempted murder. As nice as it is to have an actual summery summer for a change, I need the universe to throw a good storm or two at me, cos if we don’t get some rain soon I’ll be bringing you the next link drop from beyond the grave.

On that note, I’m off. Enjoy the posts I’ve picked out for y’all and, erm, *raises sweaty cocktail glass* chin-chin!


Kali’s Teeth Stainless Steel Cock Ring by Subsmissives

Evolved Novelties Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine by Phallophile Reviews

Kinklab Neon Wand by Little Switch Bitch


Feeling Compersion by Molly’s Daily Kiss

Having an IUD Fitted by Wriggly Kitty

Super Slut – My Journey Through Sluthood by Megan Ashley


Serving Girl by Hannah Lockhardt

Let’s Go Round Again by Posy Churchgate
Part one of a series currently at three installations.

Canvas by Coffee & Kink

Enjoy, and remember, if you like it, share our shit.

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