Love Links #15

It’s the 15th edition of Love Links so I think now is probably a good time to offer a quick reminder as to what this linky lark is actually all about, cos the message seems to have been forgotten. Now, I know some folks will wonder if I’m about to have a dig at someone and who that someone might be. Well, I am. I’m having a dig at the for-profit businesses who have emailed me recently to tell me that they have some interesting posts (they don’t) that my readers will love (you won’t) and if I’d be so kind as to include them in my round-up (I’m not) they’d be ever so grateful.

Contrary to what some folks think, #SoSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) isn’t really about promotion. It’s about supporting adult content creators and keeping the sex blogging community alive because bigwigs like Facebook, Twitter and, you know, the government are trying to kill it. Shadowbanning, suspending accounts, yanking posts, censoring. It’s all going on and there is no rhyme or reason to it that any of us can figure out.

The part of #SoSS that is about promotion is partially about bloggers and partially about you, lovely readers. It’s about sharing work that we, as creators, love ourselves and that we think you might love, too. And we share it in the hopes that, if you do love it, you will then share it in turn either on your favoured social media, on your own blogs, or even by word of mouth among your circle of friends. Yeah, this boosts the readership of our faves and friends, but it also helps keep them visible in the event that some arsey social media platform tries to hide them.

What #SoSS will never be about is letting sales based businesses con us into linking to their stores and promoting them for free through articles with titles like ‘You Can Tell Someone is Gay Simply by Looking at Them‘. The articles are offensive. The request to be linked is offensive. Some spaces on Scandarella are all about companies and all the lovely goodies they have on their shelves, but some spaces they’re simply not welcome in. This is one of those spaces.

So, after that impotent little rant, here’s a handful of posts I’ve enjoyed recently. Hope you love them all as much as I do 🙂


GODEMICHE Hercules by Joanne’s Reviews

The Big Oh! Box by Betty Butch

Bullet Vibe Showdown by Phallophile Reviews

Blush Novelties Gaia Eco Vibrator by Cooler than a Glass Dildo


Meet the Desperate Eye of Censorship by His Lordship UK

First I Cried on the Pants, Then I Cried on the Dresses: My Depression Secret – Fearless Ophelia

Orgasms Save Me from Myself – Tabitha Rayne


Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me – Hannah Lockhardt

Club GH by Cimmerian Sentiment


Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration – A Poly Princess
Open to US & Canada

Third Blogiversary Giveaway – Princess Previews
Satisfyer, gift cards, and cute enamel pins! Open worldwide

We-Vibe Anniversary Collection – Toy Meets Girl
Open to US, Canada, UK & Australia

Enjoy, and remember, if you like it, share our shit.

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