Love Links #13

It’s been far too long since I last showed the sex blogging community some link love. But I’ve finally taken the ring of roses off my front door and I can look at a computer screen for more than five minutes without feeling like my eyeballs are gonna liquidise, so I’m finally getting back into the swing of things.

I’ve written a bit of smut and a review or two, and I’ve also taken my first turn at doing the Wicked Wednesday round-up. Ugh, so fucking hard, man. The prompt was ‘Sad’ and rather than having my loins bombarded with wank inducing filth like I expected, I was faced instead with some intensely emotional posts. Each one was as good as the one before it. I could easily have done a top ten, but I settled on three excellent pieces by three excellent writers:

Depression by Cammies on the Floor

It’s Been a Long Time by Hannah Lockhardt

To the Moon and Back by Fire and Honey

Check out the links below for some more awesome pieces that caught my attention over the past few weeks.


B-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads by Kitten Boheme

Tantus Vamp Super Soft by Miss Ruby Reviews

Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit by Cooler than a Glass Dildo


A Not-a-Love Letter to My Anxiety by Kayla Lords
I felt everything Kayla said in this piece so hard! She captures the sometimes debilitating nuisance of anxiety making itself feel like a frenemy so perfectly. I pretty much showed the post to my own anxiety and said, yeah, and you can go fuck yourself, too. Anxiety is part of the reason I missed Eroticon this year. It’s the reason I’ve found excuses not to put together the erotica collection I’m aching to publish. And it’s the reason why I’ll be missing the big family get together this coming Easter weekend. I try to ignore it, to make it go away but I can’t. I’m gonna have to live with my anxiety but, just like Kayla, I refuse be gracious about it.

Oh Hi, I’m Bi by Hermione Danger
Some of you may know that early last year, I came to the realisation that I’m not heterosexual. I thought I was because I’ve only ever felt a fluttering in my chest for men, and I always figured that the fluttering I get in my belly when I look at women was all about my level of arousal at the time and not sexual attraction. Though I’ve not actively sought a label for myself over the past year I have struggled with how to reply to the question, how do you identify. While reading Hermione Danger’s post I felt like I was reading an account of some of my own feelings. I reckon that ‘heteroromantic bisexual’ is a good fit for me. I feel comfortable with it, and thanks to Hermione’s post, I know I’m gonna be able to answer that how do you identify question with confidence.


Harder Still by Confess Hannah

Libation by Mrs Fever

Polish by Coffee & Kink

A Pub Gang Bang by Tits and Test Tubes


Last year, the lovely Tabitha Rayne created 30 Day Orgasm Fun. Initially, it was a way for her to give her mood and mental health a boost, and she chose to document her experience on her blog. Then the sex blogging community being what it is, she soon had other folks joining in and wanking their way through a full month.

Well, 30 Day Orgasm Fun is back this year and loads of folks – including yours truly – are giving it a shot. The best thing about it is there’s no pressure to perform. No pressure to share, or even to have an actual orgasm. All you have to do is take a little time each day to reconnect with your body. So, if you’re taking a quick shower why not see if you can rub one out while your conditioner does its magic? If you’re pickling yourself in the bath why not take a smutty book and a waterproof bullet in there with you? If it’s not for you, you can always live vicariously. Follow the hashtag #30DayOrgasmFun on Twitter from April 1st to see how your fave bloggers are getting on.


Enjoy, and remember, if you like it, share our shit.

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