Love Links #12

I’m a granny, folks! Well, kinda. Sorta. In a (very) remote way. See, Luna – one of my fur babies – had a baby of her very own this week so technically that makes me a kitty grandma. I had a crack at being a midwife, too. Luna pushed her back paws off my right palm and hid her face in my left while she squeezed out her babe, and I watched the whole thing unfold like a tiny, gross miracle.

Talk about obsessed! I’ve haunted that poor cat all week long, watching and waiting to see if she had any more bundles of worry waiting to join the world. For that reason, I’ve barely even looked at my laptop. Well, other than to google stuff like ‘should a new mum cat be shivering‘ or ‘newborn kitten can’t find a nipple’ and – my fave – ‘dopey cat keeps sitting on her baby‘.

So, this week, I can’t share any links to individual posts I’ve loved, cos I haven’t read much of anything. But what I can share is a bunch of links to some of my favourite blogs. This list isn’t exhaustive by any means. The sex blogging community is huge and filled with so much good stuff. But can’t list everything all in one go, so after you’ve had a click through all the links in my blogroll, check out the following sites. I’m not good at saying why I love what I love (says the gal who writes 2000+ word reviews, lol) but if a blog appears anywhere on Scandarella, know that my love for it is true ❤

If you want in-depth, impartial sex toy reviews:

By Aurora Glory

Miss Jezebella

Ninja Sexology

Cooler than a Glass Dildo

If you want steaming hot erotica:

Hannah Likes Dirty Words

If Sex Matters

Cara Thereon

Lascivious Lucy

Posy Churchgate

If you want killer images:

The Other Livvy

Modesty Ablaze

Exposing 40

Master’s Eye

A to Sub Bee

If you want opinion pieces, activism, and incredible rants:

Oh I Like This

Girly Juice

Formidable Femme

The Redhead Bedhead

Ace in the Hole

Of course, the header I’ve listed each blog under isn’t all you’re gonna get there. Aurora Glory does excellent reviews, sure, but she also produces beautiful images. The Other Livvy posts stunning pictures but she also has a way with words. Formidable Femme has her finger on the pulse when it comes to causes that deserve everyone’s attention, and she writes fab reviews, too. There really is no such thing as a one trick pony in this community and that’s what makes it great.

Enjoy, and remember, if you like it, share our shit.

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