Close2You Passione Rosa Rechargeable Vibrator

When I was asked if I would like to review the Close2You Passione Rosa Rechargeable Vibrator, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Close2You was a brand I hadn’t ever heard of, and as you know if you read Scandarella regularly, I love discovering new things!


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Velvet Plush U Vibe Junior

The Velvet Plush U Vibe. T’is a curious, inexpensive bit of kit, kindly sent to me by the new online adult store, Boudoir of Erotic Delights, in exchange for an honest review.


As the name suggests, the U Vibe is a U shaped piece of silicone, with one insertable end intended to stimulate the G-Spot, and an external end which is intended to tease the clitoris. According to the packaging, I have the “junior” size. That term squicked me out, to be honest. It reminded me of my earliest introduction to tampons when I was a pre-teen, and I really wish it hadn’t been used in the name of a sex toy.

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Vilain Audre G-Spot Vibrator

I’ll go in straight off the bat here and say that the Blush Novelties Audre wasn’t my first choice from the Vilain product line. As you probably know, if you’re a regular Scandarella visitor, I’m a girl who loves her G-Spot, and I lavish it with as much attention as I possibly can, but you’ll also probably know that I *almost* always need clitoral stimulation to go with it if I’m gonna have a hope in hell of reaching orgasm.


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We-Vibe Pleasure Mates Collection

Some girls get roses for Valentine’s Day, and some get chocolates, but me? I get sex toys! I’d been whining on about wanting a second We-Vibe Tango, so that I always had one charged for when the one I was using inevitably died on me, and after getting a link from a good friend, the Fella bought me… The We-Vibe Pleasure Mates Collection!

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LELO Hugo Remote Control Prostate Massager

Aside from the obvious (ie, penis sleeves) we don’t really have toys “for men” in our house, and we don’t have toys “for women” either. We have toys for orgasms, and whichever of us a toy works for is the one who uses it. When Lovehoney sent me the LELO Hugo Remote Controlled Prostate Massager in exchange for an honest review, I was delighted.

There was a lot of talk when the Lelo Hugo and Bruno prostate massagers appeared for sale there, and a lot of that talk was from women asking, would that work for me? I was one of those women. I got lucky enough to receive the toy, and I didn’t waste any time in finding out.

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L’Amourose Denia

There’s something in me which is pretty much demanding that I strive to own all of the L’Amourose products in existence. Having all of the colours would be nice too, but that’ll have to be a long term goal. For now, I’ve got what I’ve got, and I really can’t rave enough about them.

The L’Amourose Rosa is one of my all-time favourite sex toys, and I’ve long looked on its sibling, the Denia, with suspicion. Did the Rosa really need tweaking? Did they really need to add that clitoral arm? Had they ruined something that wasn’t broken by trying to fix it? The time came when I needed to find out, and now I know… Continue reading “L’Amourose Denia”