Loving Joy Versa Poseable Vibrator

You may remember that, earlier this year, I reviewed a bullet that, in my opinion, gives the We-Vibe Tango a run for its money in the power stakes. It was the Power Bullet by Loving Joy, and it’s ace. Well, another interesting product graced my doorstep recently, and it’s time to share my thoughts. Here’s the lowdown on the Loving Joy Versa.


I would imagine that, by this point, you’ve all heard of the G-Kii 2 by Je Joue, and the Crescendo by MysteryVibe. Flexible, versatile vibrators that can go from a long, deep diving internal vibe to a C-shaped dual stimulator in just a few quick clicks? Well, Versa is Loving Joy’s first foray into the poseable vibrator market. Continue reading “Loving Joy Versa Poseable Vibrator”

MysteryVibe Crescendo Guest Review by Just Jess Reviews

Just Jess Reviews is a well-known name in the sex toy reviewing community. She’s written plenty of reviews for Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel and under Lovehoney’s tester scheme, and now here’s her first guest post for me. I struggled with the MysteryVibe Crescendo, or rather my dinosaur of a mobile phone did. I couldn’t download the app, therefore couldn’t give the Crescendo a thorough enough review, so reached out to Jess for a toy exchange and a review. She was totally up for it and, after giving it a good testing, here are her thoughts on the Crescendo…

I was so excited when Ella asked if I’d like to write a guest review of the MysteryVibe Crescendo for Scanderella. Thank you so much Ella and MysteryVibe. Continue reading “MysteryVibe Crescendo Guest Review by Just Jess Reviews”

So Divine Wicked Game Magic Wand

When I received an email from So Divine asking if I’d like to review a bunch of their products, I genuinely clapped my hands with glee. Why? Because I’d already spotted the So Divine Wicked Game Magic Wand and, oh, how I wanted it!

It was the first thing I got my hands on when the package arrived (and there was a lot of stuff in that parcel so keep an eye out for more So Divine reviews!). I probably don’t need to remind you that I’m a packaging junkie, but I will. Pretty, simple, and tasteful, it’s a delight to open a parcel with a So Divine product in it. Continue reading “So Divine Wicked Game Magic Wand”

Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Black Line Vibrator

What’s better than a big fat Fun Factory dildo that fills you to bursting and provides some of the most amazing orgasms ever? A big fat Fun Factory vibrator that fills you to bursting and provides some of the most amazing orgasms ever – with a kick. Yep, the Fun Factory Boss Stub has a sassy sibling in the Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Black Line Vibrator, and it’s fucking spectacular.

FUN FACTORY G5 BIG BOSS BLACK LINE VIBRATOR 5 Continue reading “Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Black Line Vibrator”

Gvibe 2 by Fun Toys

If I’m making a sex toy purchase I devour every review I can find before clicking ‘buy now’. I search for clues in a reviewer’s history to see if I can match their preferences to mine. Work out if they like and dislike the same things as me so I know if a toy has a chance of being right for me. But avoiding reading reviews of things I’d like to review is something I adopted early on in my reviewing days. I’ve always wanted to approach each new product with no preconceptions, no chance of my opinions being influenced by the experiences of others.

Despite my efforts at keeping my mind clear of other people’s thoughts, being exposed to generalised opinions is something that can’t be avoided. When I came across the Gvibe 2 by Fun Toys London, some of the comments I read were less than positive. Oddly, most of those folks hadn’t even tried the thing, their negative views were formed by looking at pictures of the toy online.

GVIBE 2 BY FUN TOYS 14 Continue reading “Gvibe 2 by Fun Toys”

Vive Shiatsu Dual Pleasure Wand Vibrator

When it comes to appearance, wand vibrators are usually much of a muchness. Long body with controls in the middle and a mains cable or a USB charging point at its base. A broad, rounded head, sometimes with irksome ridges, sometimes without. Colours differ, sizes differ, but in general they’re all pretty similar. But not always. Sometimes they’re very different indeed. One wand that stands out in terms of not only appearance but also function is the Vive Shiatsu Dual Pleasure Wand Vibrator.

VIVE SHIATSU DUAL PLEASRE WAND VIBRATOR 4 Continue reading “Vive Shiatsu Dual Pleasure Wand Vibrator”

Bodywand WandPlus GSpot 8

In my recent review for the Bodywand WandPlus Rabbit 8 Vibrator I made a prediction. After not really getting on with the rabbit I said I was certain that, if I had a chance to try the Bodywand WandPlus GSpot 8 Vibrator, I could feel it in my bones that I’d love it.

Well, luck brought the G-Spot version to me and I’ve learned that I’m getting really good at understanding what my body wants. My prediction was right, and I’ll tell you why…after I’ve told you all about the vibe itself.

BODYWAND WANDPLUS POWER 8 G-SPOT 1 Continue reading “Bodywand WandPlus GSpot 8”

We-Vibe Sync

There have been many incarnations of the We-Vibe wearable couple’s vibrator, but until I received the We-Vibe Sync for review, I’d only ever experienced the earliest incarnation of it. And I’d hated it. It was too small, the silicone was draggy, shiny and awful, and the vibes were terrible.


It really did put me off this type of toy, but as I’d had a successful reunion with the Eroscillator 2 (which I never thought would happen in a million years) I decided it was time to give them another chance. Continue reading “We-Vibe Sync”

Nomi Tang Getaway Plus

Until recently, my experience with Nomi Tang products had been limited to the quietly fabulous Infiniti Dual Stimulator. Even though it’s one of those toys that needs a heap of manipulation to hit both intended spots at once, revisiting that odd shaped vibe a couple of months ago rekindled my lust for it, and I was soon checking out the other products the brand had to offer.

Anyone who’s been with me since Scandarella’s launch will know that one of my favourite g-spotting toys of all time is the LELO Ella. I’m not usually one for comparing brands in reviews, and I’m not gonna do a whole lot of comparing here either, cos the Ella is a dildo and the product I’m reviewing is a vibrator, so comparison would be silly. I mention it only to give you an idea of how high my expectations were when I was offered the opportunity to review the Nomi Tang Getaway Plus.


Continue reading “Nomi Tang Getaway Plus”

Fifty Shades Darker Desire Explodes

It’s that time again. The time for the sex toy market to be pelted with all things Christian Grey in the lead up to the release of the second movie in the kinky sex saga: Fifty Shades Darker. Though I was a late comer to the books, I’ve never considered myself a true fan of Grey and his issues – or Ana and hers for that matter – and I gave up watching the first movie not fifteen minutes in, but what I am a HUGE fan of, is the related sex toys that are designed and produced by Lovehoney, and this Fifty Shades Darker Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator is no exception.


Continue reading “Fifty Shades Darker Desire Explodes”