Lovehoney Desire Steel Dildo – Beaded

I’ve made no secret of the fact that some of my favourite sex toys are inexpensive glass dildos from Lovehoney. I’ve got loads of them, but only two live on my bedside table. One of them is a curved affair with beads that gradually increase in size until they reach a big, bulbous base. Even after three and a half years I still love it, so when I saw that Lovehoney had echoed the design in steel I couldn’t refuse the chance to review it. So now, I’m bringing you my thoughts on the Lovehoney Desire Steel Dildo.

As part of Lovehoney’s premium line, the Desire Steel Dildo is beautifully presented. All there is to the packaging is a simple outer sleeve that covers an even simpler hard-card presentation box that doubles as a storage solution, but it’s lovely and super giftable. Continue reading “Lovehoney Desire Steel Dildo – Beaded”