My Fucsia Pop Skull Porcelain Dildo

In less than fourteen weeks’ time, Scandarella will be celebrating its 2nd Blogiversary. Yep, I’ve been at this for almost two years, and do you know what? I’m still discovering products that I never knew existed, some of which make me piss my pants with laughter and others that soak my drawers for a different reason altogether. One product in the latter category is the My Fucsia Pop Skull Porcelain Dildo.

My Fucsia is a maker of ceramic sex toys, situated in the Umbria region of Italy. Their products are the brainchild of designer, Emanuele Pangrazi, who has a vision of breaking sex taboos by creating a range of pleasure objects that can be placed on display as vaguely erotic ornamental pieces. Continue reading “My Fucsia Pop Skull Porcelain Dildo”

Dalia Porcelain Dildo by Desirables

In the time I’ve been reviewing sex toys I’ve come across some fancy pants things. A vibrator that copies your rhythms, a rabbit you can control with your voice, dildos with intricate textures, s-shaped bends and banana-like curves, some of which even have holes in the base so you can vibe them up if you fancy it. Yeah, there’s a hell of a lot more out there to play with than there was in the days when I first started using sex toys, that’s for sure, and that’s a wonderful thing.


But sometimes, simple and elegant is all a body needs, and nothing out there is as beautiful in its simplicity as the Dalia Porcelain Dildo by Desirables. Continue reading “Dalia Porcelain Dildo by Desirables”

Tantus Cisco

I am 5ft 2 inches tall. I’m weeny, teeny and tiny according to my 6ft 2” tall husband. I might be a chubby little barrel, but he thinks I’m a cute one who, after almost 19 years together, can do very little to shock him. Imagine the look on his face when I waved the 11.5” long Tantus Cisco in the air and said, “This dildo is 18.5% of my height and it’s going up my butt.”


HA! The very suggestion made him audibly gulp. Continue reading “Tantus Cisco”

Wirly Girly 2 Slim Vibrating Dildo

Want to know what’s hot? Watching someone getting pounded by a fucking machine while you masturbate at the other side of the room. Want to know what the Fella would never do? Go anywhere near ‘that bloody hacksaw, jack hammer motherfucker’ with his butt.  Reason being, all of the dildos we have to fit are biggun’s. That combined with the sheer power of the machine proved too intimidating for him.

I truly was gutted, because watching him being mastered by the machine has been a fantasy of mine since the day I got it, but it was starting to look like one of those fantasies that would never be realised. Then I received an email from Sh! Womenstore, and I decided it was fate when a teeny tiny vibrating silicone dildo with a bullet hole base winked at me from the screen. It was the pretty in pink Wirly Girly 2 Slim Vibrating Dildo.


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Persian Palm Caterina Custom Dildo

Nine times out of ten, whenever I have a sex toy delivery – be it a purchase or for review – I’ll have a quick gush or whine about the packaging then I’ll be into the box, all of my attention focused on whatever it is that lies inside. But when it came to the Persian Palm Caterina it was a different story entirely.


Persian Palm is a Tuscan ceramic sex toy company run by a duo of artisans, Eva and Luana. Ceramics are a big thing in their city, which is the home of majolica ceramics. I love that Persian Palm have taken inspiration from a tradition of their home and introduced it and themselves to one of the most booming industries of our day; the sex toy industry.

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Rocks Off Cheeky-Boy Intense

When I was offered the chance to review the Cheeky-Boy Intense from Rocks Off, I pounced on it with absolutely no grace whatsoever. Not only would the Fella’s butt be in for a treat, but as it’s powered by the Ignition bullet (which I’ve coveted for ages) my clit would be getting a lil’ attention too, and there was no way would I let myself miss out on that.


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Tantus Splash

Splish splash, I was takin’ a bath…

Actually that’s a lie, I wasn’t taking a bath at all, but I do sing that song every time I take the Tantus Splash for a ride, without fail. What’s more, I’m so completely certain that I’m going to love every second of what comes after I start singing, the song kinda turns me on a bit whenever I hear it.

I’m about to write a sentence that most definitely isn’t a lie. It isn’t even an exaggeration. What it is, is a pretty bold statement that many people at my stage of blogging might not feel ready to make.

The Tantus Splash is my favourite dildo!



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Tantus Silk Large Dildo

In general, I’m not a fan of plain old up and down dildos. I like texture. I like bumps, nubs and ridges or pronounced curves, because I like to be able to feel what I’m being fucked with rather than just having a vague sensation of something moving in and out of wherever it’s being put. But I bought the Tantus Silk (large) because… Tantus. That’s the only reason I need. That and the fact that it was a Grab Bag, meaning I was in for a lucky dip colour and a lot of bang for my buck.

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