HNRX Bondage Anal Hook Review

Anal hooks. I’ve been wanting to try one of these bad boys for ages, but I kept on putting it off. I’m not even 100% sure why cos I’m usually the type that’s all about new sensations. Whatever it was that made me overlook them whenever the opportunity to snag one arose, I wasn’t ever able to shake the feeling that I needed to know how wearing one would feel. Whether it would add or detract from our play. Well, thanks to Honour sending me their HNRX Bondage Anal Hook for review, I now know.

HNRX Bondage Anal Hook Review, silver stainless steel hook with a ball at one end

When I first whipped it out of its black cloth bag my initial thought was, Judas Priest, look at the length of that frigging handle! Including the ring (but excluding the ball) and following the curve, the hook measures 15-inches. Now, I’ve got some mammoth insertables, so this centimetre-thick piece of metal shouldn’t have freaked me out. But it did. It was the good kind of freaked out that gets a bod all tingly and excited, but I will admit that it made me nervous. Continue reading “HNRX Bondage Anal Hook Review”