DDboxxx Subscription Box

Like many porn stars, Dani Daniels has her frilly bits immortalised not just on screen but also in the sex toy market. If you fancy a stroker with her name on it, it’s out there waiting for you. But, unlike other porn performers, Daniels has taken a few more steps into the world of sex toys with the launch of her very own subscription service called the DDboxxx.

Daniels says that the DDboxxx came about because it’s ‘a project I’ve always wanted to do, create a fun subscription box with items curated by me that are useful but still fun and sexy.’ I love reviewing subscription boxes and I must say I was super excited about this one. I thought, given Daniels’ awareness of the adult industry, the contents should be awesome. Continue reading “DDboxxx Subscription Box”

Hand Pilot Recreational Pilot Subscription Box

It feels like years since I last reviewed a sex toy subscription. The last one was the Unbound Box and that was all the way back in May. I guess the Erotic Advent Calendar I ploughed through in December was kinda similar but that was mostly a lucky dip of products. When I think ‘subscription box’ I imagine a curated selection of quality products that you can have delivered to your door on a regular basis. One such selection is the Hand Pilot Recreational Pilot Box.

Firstly, I love the name of this shop. I love the design of their site. But most of all, I love Hand Pilot’s genuinely unique, unique selling point; their subscription is almost entirely targeted at our bepenised brethren. Vulvacentric subscriptions and ‘couples’ boxes are relatively easy to find but you’d be hard pushed to find another company that offers boxes of treats picked out to pamper the old penis.

Even then, those ‘couples’ boxes are often aimed at heterosexual couples and are mostly geared toward pleasing the pussy with a cock ring chucked in as an afterthought. The idea seems to be that getting to fuck at some stage in proceedings is treat enough for the todger. Continue reading “Hand Pilot Recreational Pilot Subscription Box”

Big Oh! Box Quarterly Subscription Box

It’s been a couple of months since I last reviewed a subscription box, and I admit that I’ve kinda missed them. I’ve missed the thrill of opening a parcel and discovering what treats are waiting for me inside, be those discoveries pleasantly surprising or outright disappointing. It goes without saying that we’d all prefer the former to be the case, but considering the fact that, when my Big Oh! Box landed on my doorstep, the element of the unknown was enough to really excite me… well, I guess you could say that’s testament to the fact that, for me, they do actually work as a concept.


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Spice Box Starter Kit

My quest to find the perfect sex toy subscription service continues, and the latest one to come under my scrutiny is offered by a new UK based company called Spice Box. I took a great interest in this company, because their marketing told me that they were offering something different, and I’m always prepared to believe that until I’ve seen the product for myself and found those claims to be proven right or wrong.


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Dewcibox Monthly Subscription Box

I’m on a mission. A mission to discover whether or not sex toy subscription boxes can actually be what they promise to be. Back in the days when the Fella and I first started building our sex toy collection, I would have loved the idea of getting a box of treats delivered periodically to my door, and there’s a good chance that I wouldn’t have given a toss what was in it.

But these days I’m much choosier about what I put inside me, and I’d love to find the perfect subscription services for beginners, intermediate toy users, and seasoned collectors.


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Nooky Box “Sex is Fun” Subscription Box

Sex toys. They’re a simple thing really, but what a minefield of a subject they can be!

The Fella and I incorporated sex toys into our sex lives a long time ago. In fact, one of the first things we bought after moving in together back in 1999 was a big ugly vibrator that seemed to be SPRAY PAINTED purple. Yes, I said spray painted, and yes, that paint did wear off in places, leaving flesh toned blotches all over the plasticy, rubbery, god only knows what the hell material it was.

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