Cumpanion Towel by Anna Rae

What do you reach for after sex, other than the lucky so-and-so you just had it with? Do you grab a wet wipe? The nearest bath sheet, perhaps? And how do you clean up after masturbation? Tissues, or maybe you’re the quiet user of the old wank sock? Well, for the past month or so I’ve been reaching for the Cumpanion Towel, and now it’s time to write my review.

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Nomi Tang Alcohol Free Sex Toy Cleaner

There are some things in my sexy essentials box that many people would deem truly essential. Body safe lubes – water-based flavoured and flavourless – condoms. Some, like massage candles and orgasm enhancing balms, would be deemed essential by way of personal choice. At the same time, there are things missing from my box – hello bondage scissors – which others think I’m mad not to have. And then there’s the things people think are a little more than a waste of money; purpose made sex toy cleaners.

The thing about toy cleaners is they aren’t actually essential. When it comes to keeping your precious fucky things hygienically clean there are loads of options. Depending on the toy, of course. Boiling, bleaching, the dishwasher, a sink of soapy water…they’re all valid choices and they all work and, better still, they don’t cost much, if anything.

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