LICX Essentials

If you use sex toys – or even if you don’t – you’ll probably have a drawer in your bedside table dedicated to bottles, tins, and sachets of lubes, oils, and orgasm enhancers. They’re not called essentials for nothing, and the Fella and I go through mountains of the stuff every month.


I was thrilled to be sent a box filled to the brim with goodies from a company called LICX recently, as it was a brand I’d never come across before. Their operation seems to be quite small at the moment, but I can see it expanding quickly to include different types of product, as well as more variety of the stuff they offer now. Continue reading “LICX Essentials”

Sliquid Swirl Sachets

I’m a great advocate of products that make blow jobs taste like they’re anything but blow jobs, and I have a couple of bottles of flavoured gels and lubes that I love to use. My little eye has been on the Sliquid Swirl range for a while now, but I have so much other stuff to slurp my way through before it goes off, I couldn’t justify buying more bottles.


Continue reading “Sliquid Swirl Sachets”