Crowned Jewels Titanium Kegel Eggs

You may already know that I’m a bit of an aficionado when it comes to kegel exercisers. I’m fascinated by them. I love their different styles, shapes, weights and sizes, and I love them whether they’re vibrating or non-vibrating, jiggly or solid. I even have googoo eyes for the ones that give off an electrical charge. Be they metal, silicone, plastic or glass, they all have a place in my box *lolz like a kid*.


But, there’s kegel exercisers, and then there’s Crowned Jewels Titanium Kegel Eggs.

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SHUNGA Secret Garden Orgasm Enhancing Cream

I’m sure y’all know by now that I’m a big fan of SHUNGA products. I love their packaging, I love their tins, bottles, and tubes, and I love what comes in them. Every time I open the bedside table drawer and see that beautiful Japanese lady and her handsome beau looking all loved up, it makes me smile no matter how crappy my mood.

In my delivery of review goodies, was this little gem:

Secret Garden Orgasm Enhancing Cream

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LICX Essentials

If you use sex toys – or even if you don’t – you’ll probably have a drawer in your bedside table dedicated to bottles, tins, and sachets of lubes, oils, and orgasm enhancers. They’re not called essentials for nothing, and the Fella and I go through mountains of the stuff every month.


I was thrilled to be sent a box filled to the brim with goodies from a company called LICX recently, as it was a brand I’d never come across before. Their operation seems to be quite small at the moment, but I can see it expanding quickly to include different types of product, as well as more variety of the stuff they offer now. Continue reading “LICX Essentials”

SHUNGA “Rain of Love” G-Spot Cream



Because love is art

That right there is SHUNGA’s slogan, and it couldn’t be more perfect. Everything about their product range is beautifully created, from the gorgeous, Geisha adorned boxes, to the corked apothecary jars that contain brilliantly coloured oils, and that’s before you even consider their attractively put together gift sets. Continue reading “SHUNGA “Rain of Love” G-Spot Cream”

Lovelife Flex Kegel Exerciser Set

Those who follow me on Twitter may have noticed that I made a statement that surprised me recently. While I’m a chick who adores her death metal and all of its accompanying blacks, blood reds, and skulls, there’s been a new love stealing over me that I’ve welcomed wholeheartedly.

I’ve caught the girly. I’m absolutely loving the magical rainbows and unicorns out there in the sex toy world, as well as the unashamedly feminine fluffy clouds, hearts and flowers.

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Catherine Pleasure Balls Set

I spend a disproportionate amount of my laptop time browsing through sex toy shops, and the Fella tells me I often look like I should be wearing a bib while I do so. One such occasion was when I was perusing Coco de Mer, and I spotted one of their luxury toy collections. All of the pieces in it are beautiful, so naturally I wanted them all, but their prices were pretty jaw-dropping, and I accepted that it wasn’t gonna happen.


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L’Amourose Mya Beads (Pro)

One of my favourite things to browse on sex toy sites is kegel balls! I have a few sets now – and a Magic Banana *shudders* – and picking the ones I like best isn’t easy. So instead of choosing a favourite set to review, I decided to choose my favourite brand. It was still a tough fight though, and while Fun Factory came a close second, L’Amourose won.


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