Tantus Adam 02

If you’re a regular Scandarella reader you’re probably aware that, in my opinion, Tantus is one of the best sex toy companies in the world. From the bittiest butt plug to the bulkiest dildo, they have something for everyone, and every single one of their products is made from 100% body safe materials.


In my last review package, along with the most stunning strap-on harness ever made, was the Adam 02 Dildo. Tantus 02 dildos are all dual density. They have a flexible core of firm silicone, and an outer skin of soft, yielding silicone. The aim is to create a realistic feel dildo that has all the tensile, spongy qualities of a real penis, while still being firm enough to facilitate easy penetration no matter who is using it, and no matter which orifice they choose to use it in.

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Tantus Black Widow Connoisseur Harness

Pegging. What a whole load of fun that business is. But even so, I will confess to having been afraid of it not a million months ago, because it made me do things that didn’t really sit right with me. It put me in a dominant position over the Fella, for a start, which is almost enough to ruin any play session for me, but that wasn’t the worst of it.

It took me a while to figure out what the unknown issue that kept making me lose my stride was, but with a little help from a friend, I finally did. My issue? Pegging the Fella made me feel hyper masculine. Because I’m a PCOS sufferer, I have a very awkward relationship with my femininity as it is, so running around the place with a silicone dildo poking out from between my legs, pinning the Fella to the bed, and being on the giving end of some pretty violent thrusting was making me subconsciously believe that I was doing the ‘mans’ work.

Black Widow

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Tantus Rumble Cordless Wand

When Tantus announced that they were dipping their toes into the world of the wand vibrator, I was instantly captivated by the very idea of it, and before long people were starting to talk about the Tantus Rumble all over social media. Questions were being asked, by me and everybody else who was eagerly anticipating the day when it finally reached the market. Questions like, would it rival the Doxy, and did Tantus even want it to?


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Tantus T-Rex

I love girthy dildos. I love to be stretched, I love to feel like I’m taking just a little bit more than my body can realistically handle, and I love the sensation of being filled to the point of bursting. Now, I know that the Tantus T-Rex isn’t the largest dildo out there by any stretch of the imagination. I know Tantus themselves have much bigger ones, but when they gave me the opportunity to choose some products to review, I knew the T-Rex had to be mine.


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Tantus Lt Ed Duchess

Sitting beneath the lamp on my bedside table with a pot of pens, a few bottles of assorted lubes and massage oils, and a massage candle, is an A3 notebook with a skull on the front, and in that notebook you’ll find all of my sex toy wishlists. Those lists have grown so much recently that they’ve been separated into categories, and each one has capitalised headers.


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Tantus Splash

Splish splash, I was takin’ a bath…

Actually that’s a lie, I wasn’t taking a bath at all, but I do sing that song every time I take the Tantus Splash for a ride, without fail. What’s more, I’m so completely certain that I’m going to love every second of what comes after I start singing, the song kinda turns me on a bit whenever I hear it.

I’m about to write a sentence that most definitely isn’t a lie. It isn’t even an exaggeration. What it is, is a pretty bold statement that many people at my stage of blogging might not feel ready to make.

The Tantus Splash is my favourite dildo!



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Tantus Silk Large Dildo

In general, I’m not a fan of plain old up and down dildos. I like texture. I like bumps, nubs and ridges or pronounced curves, because I like to be able to feel what I’m being fucked with rather than just having a vague sensation of something moving in and out of wherever it’s being put. But I bought the Tantus Silk (large) because… Tantus. That’s the only reason I need. That and the fact that it was a Grab Bag, meaning I was in for a lucky dip colour and a lot of bang for my buck.

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Tantus Snap Strap

My lovely friend over at the Carnal Queen is one of the nicest people I know, but she’s also a massive tease. Whether in conversation or review form, the woman tempts me often, and because of her lures one of my 2016 goals was to bring into my possession one of Tantus’ awesome looking silicone paddles. The Fella pointed out that the Tantus Snap Strap was in the January sale at Coco de Mer, and after a bit of lash fluttering on my part, said I could have it for Valentine’s Day.

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