Tantus Steam Hunk Super Soft Dildo

Is steampunk your aesthetic? Do wires, nuts and bolts get your motor running? Does the idea of filthy exploration in a far-flung space station make you long for lift-off? Or, do you just love getting your orifices around a good, chunky dong? If you say aye to any of those things, you need a Tantus Steam Hunk Super Soft Dildo in your life.

Copper Coloured Tantus Steam Hunk front side view on cream background

You may or may not know that Tantus reigns supreme at the top of my fave dildo makers list.  In my last Tantus review (this one) I said that the day had to be coming where I tried a dildo of theirs that I didn’t like. Today is not that day. Continue reading “Tantus Steam Hunk Super Soft Dildo”

Tantus Curve & Curve Super Soft

One of the most fun parts of the reviewing side of Scandarella has always been cultivating my lust list. Even before I started blogging, I had a healthy (okay, ridiculously long) list of sex toys I wanted to get my paws on. I thought that, after the blog happened, the list would gradually shrink, but nope. It’s probably twice as long as it ever was. One thing that’s been on it forever is the Tantus Curve, so when the lovely Bonnie at Luxury Vibrators asked me to review not just that but also the new Tantus Curve Super Soft, I enthusiastically screamed, “I’ll do it!”

So, the Curves. Sexy, sexy dildos that are ideal for solo play, partner play, and – more than anything else – pegging. Yep, these dildos are a fantastic size for the butt shy who, though they want to indulge in a bit of harness action, aren’t keen on anything too intimidating. Continue reading “Tantus Curve & Curve Super Soft”

Tantus Adam Super Soft Silicone Dildo

When I think about what can make me squirt without internal vibes or clit stim, certain things come to mind. The Fella’s fingers. Rigid dildos, be they hooked or curved. Dildos that are so big I can barely stand it. Oh, and most glass dildos, regardless of shape. Something I never really think of is soft, floppy, squishy dildos. Because those don’t really have what it takes to give my g-spot the type of stimulation it needs. But along came the Tantus Adam Super Soft, and it changed everything.

As I’ve explained in a couple of past reviews, Tantus have been phasing out some old faves and relaunching them in the super soft, single density version of their 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. The results vary from toy to toy, with the Destiny and Vamp being slightly firmer than the Adam, and both of those being rather marvellous. Continue reading “Tantus Adam Super Soft Silicone Dildo”

Tantus Destiny Super Soft Dildo

Do you believe in destiny? I do, and I always have done, because it seems like, sometimes, some things are just meant to be. Things like me getting my paws all over the Tantus Destiny Super Soft, for example.

You may or may not know that Tantus are in the process of overhauling their silicone offerings. One product I had fixed firmly in my sights was the Raptor XL. A gloriously chubby, ballsy dildo that looked like it would take me to harness heaven as soon as the Fella strapped it on. Continue reading “Tantus Destiny Super Soft Dildo”

Tantus Twist Silicone Butt Plug

One of the things I love most about sex blogging is that, because of it, the Fella is getting more and more into butt stuff. I mean, we’ve been fans of anal play for a long time, but he never used to do it on his own. Solo masturbation for him was always spit and a fist in the bathroom, but things have changed. He’s learned that lube isn’t just for sex, and butt plugs aren’t just for partner play. One of his (and my) current fave plugs is the Tantus Twist.

I was surprised when he picked it out while I was choosing some review goodies from MEO. Not because he wanted to try it, but because we didn’t already have it. I’ve got dozens of butt plugs, but this is my first ever Tantus one. Shocking really, if you consider that Tantus is my go-to brand when it comes to silicone. Continue reading “Tantus Twist Silicone Butt Plug”

Tantus Vamp Super Soft Dildo

It’s time for another Tantus review! Seriously, the way I behave when it comes to Tantus dildos you’d think they gave me orgasms. Oh, wait…they do! At the moment, Tantus are retiring some of their old products and replacing them with snazzy updated versions. For their new dildos, the releases so far have been in a silicone that feels different to both the original and O2 lines. The first in this new material is the Tantus Vamp Super Soft.

Continue reading “Tantus Vamp Super Soft Dildo”

Tantus Ball Stretchers

Got balls? Wanna stretch ‘em? I asked the Fella those very two questions, in that order, and his replies were umm yes and fuck no respectively. Because he has the most sensitive bollocks known to man (seriously, look at them the wrong way and he weeps) he’s never been all that keen on letting anything too snappy near his stotts. But then I murmured these magic words, “So, we’re not gonna review the new Tantus Ball Stretchers, then?”

Continue reading “Tantus Ball Stretchers”

Tantus Cisco

I am 5ft 2 inches tall. I’m weeny, teeny and tiny according to my 6ft 2” tall husband. I might be a chubby little barrel, but he thinks I’m a cute one who, after almost 19 years together, can do very little to shock him. Imagine the look on his face when I waved the 11.5” long Tantus Cisco in the air and said, “This dildo is 18.5% of my height and it’s going up my butt.”


HA! The very suggestion made him audibly gulp. Continue reading “Tantus Cisco”

Tantus Silicone O-Rings Set

Two of the most useful sex toy related things I’ve ever received have been from Tantus. The first was their Suction Cup. That little gem gave me the option to secure my Tantus Vibrating Dildos to any smooth surface I fancied. For me, that was a bigger deal than you’d probably imagine. The second is this Tantus Silicone O-Rings Set, and it’s just as big a deal as the other thing. Let me tell you why…


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Tantus Plunge

Here are a few facts for you: wizards make magic with wands, witches make magic with cauldrons, Tantus makes magic with silicone, and I’ve long had a thing for sex toys that have a dual purpose. Good quality dildos that fan out into floggers? Yes! Crops with insertable wooden handles? Magic! The Tantus Plunge is my very first dual purpose spanking paddle and the thing is genius, as far as I’m concerned.


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