Sliquid Shine Intimate Toy Cleaner

As a rule, I try not to review consumable products. Lubes, condoms, sprays, etc. Reason being, I end up with loads of open bottles and so much stuff goes to waste. But when I was offered the chance to review a handful of Sliquid products I couldn’t say no. I mean, the fact that I’m a huge Sliquid fan is pretty much old news. The first product I’m gonna talk about is the Sliquid Shine Intimate Toy Cleaner.

When this stuff first arrived, I was delighted. I’d expected to receive a squat little bottle that would only last me a week, tops. But no. Sliquid Shine comes in a rather large spray bottle which is black and gold and sleek. And unlike most other toy cleaners there is a whopping 255ml (8.5oz) of product inside.

Sliquid Shine black and gold spray bottle on black background

Sliquid are famed for their organic, vegan, shit free products, and Sliquid Shine does its best to keep up. On the front of the label, it states that the spray is 95% organic. And when I check the ingredients I can’t see anything that makes me wanna contradict. In fact, with the entire ingredients list comprising of just organic aloe juice and organic tea tree, castor, and jojoba oils, I’m wondering how it’s only 95%. Continue reading “Sliquid Shine Intimate Toy Cleaner”