Valentine Wirly Girly 6 by Sh!

Of all the gorgeous silicone dildos available at Sh! Womenstore, the Valentine Wirly Girly 6 had long been the one I coveted most. The thing is, Sh! didn’t need any more reviews for that particular product, and I always found something to spend my money on that the adult in me deemed more important than sex toys. But… then Sh! changed the silicone they used in the Valentine to a more transparent one, and they finally said there was one available for me to review. Happy days!

Honest to God, I actually squeaked when I opened this one up. Nearly all Sh! dildos come packaged in a plain white box with a clear panel that lets you see what you’re getting from the off.  I basically chewed my way in there to get at this glorious dong. Continue reading “Valentine Wirly Girly 6 by Sh!”

Sh! Silicone Double-Ended Dildo

I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of the gorgeous dildos made by Sh! Womenstore.  Everything about them is top shelf, and getting to try all the different shapes and sizes is a delight. The most recent addition to my dildo shelf is this, the very lovely Sh! Silicone Double-Ended Dildo.

If you and your partner are in to shared penetration and both like your insertables to be on the meaty side, this double-ended dildo could be for you. There’s girth, length, and texture galore. And, to put the cherry on the already delicious cake, the entire piece is made from 100% body safe silicone. Now, for someone who had a very similar toy a while back that was made from body rotting evil (aka, jelly), getting my hands on a non-toxic, non-porous version was one of the highlights of my year. Continue reading “Sh! Silicone Double-Ended Dildo”

Sh! Bliss G-Vibe G-Spot Vibrator

In a recent conversation about Scandarella, one of the few friends I’ve actually told about it said, “Your site looks great, but how come nearly all the stuff you write about is dead expensive?” I could have told her it’s because they’re all made from body safe materials by reputable companies, but that sounded like bullshit even to me. You can get perfectly good silicone or glass or ABS toys these days for very little money. Luckily, I knew I had a lovely little vibe waiting in the wings for review, so I told her about the Sh! Bliss G-Vibe G-Spot Vibrator.

I’m usually one to balk at battery operated toys. You can tell me I’ve been ruined by rechargeables all you like, the fact remains that, not only are batteries expensive and bad for the environment, but the vibes they put out are nearly always shite. Continue reading “Sh! Bliss G-Vibe G-Spot Vibrator”

Sh! Honey 6 Vibrating GSpot Dildo

I’ll let you in on a little secret; I love the outward appearance of jelly dildos. They look squishy, bouncy and gummy, and their colours are nearly always super pretty. Terrible, I know, but then I’ve always been attracted to the bad guy. But the only thing I’d ever touch one with these days would by my gaze. They’re so much badder than the bad guy, and I’ve learned to steer clear. But that’s no big shakes for me, because I have a Sh! Honey 6 Vibrating GSpot Dildo.

Sh! Honey 6 Vibrating GSpot Dildo Side View Continue reading “Sh! Honey 6 Vibrating GSpot Dildo”

Sh! Fun Finger Bunny Vibrator

My cute little clit claw. That’s what I’ve come to call this Sh! Fun Finger Bunny Vibrator. I hadn’t expected to find it in my Wirly Girl 2 Dildo parcel, but when I opened the box there it was, along with a third product that I’ll be reviewing very soon.


Full disclosure, I hadn’t really been all that interested in reviewing this vibe. The opportunity to review it was there, but I passed up on it because I didn’t think it would be for me. I’m wary of bullet vibes these days, because many of them are pretty buzzy and high pitched. My body doesn’t appreciate those kinds of vibes at all. Continue reading “Sh! Fun Finger Bunny Vibrator”

Wirly Girly 2 Slim Vibrating Dildo

Want to know what’s hot? Watching someone getting pounded by a fucking machine while you masturbate at the other side of the room. Want to know what the Fella would never do? Go anywhere near ‘that bloody hacksaw, jack hammer motherfucker’ with his butt.  Reason being, all of the dildos we have to fit are biggun’s. That combined with the sheer power of the machine proved too intimidating for him.

I truly was gutted, because watching him being mastered by the machine has been a fantasy of mine since the day I got it, but it was starting to look like one of those fantasies that would never be realised. Then I received an email from Sh! Womenstore, and I decided it was fate when a teeny tiny vibrating silicone dildo with a bullet hole base winked at me from the screen. It was the pretty in pink Wirly Girly 2 Slim Vibrating Dildo.


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Sh! Leather Wrist Restraint Cuffs

Before I tell you about my beautiful Sh! Leather Wrist Restraint Cuffs, I have a confession to make: despite my love for bondage, I really dislike being restrained. If the Fella catches me lying down – or if the evil bastard wants to tickle me – he pins my arms to my sides and holds my legs together with his knees, panic sets in and I literally scream until I cry.

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Being unable to move, or defend myself, or run wakes the survival instinct in me, making me desperate to escape and get away, even though I’m perfectly aware that I’m in no danger whatsoever. I hate feeling helpless and vulnerable so, needless to say, he doesn’t do it very often.

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Sh! Princess Silky Dual Stimulation Dildo

After my recent introduction to wood and stone dildos through my participation in Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel, I really did think I’d tried most types of dildo in my size range. But then I was given the opportunity to work with the fabulous Sh! Erotic Emporium again, and they sent me something that was completely new to me: a dual stimulation DILDO. Yep, you heard me, a rabbit style dildo, called the Sh! Princess Silky!


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Sh! Mistress Cupid XL Vibrating Dildo

When the lovely Cassie at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium asked me to choose something from a list of products that required reviewing, I’ll admit that I struggled. They have so much gorgeous stuff, and I was like a kid looking through an Argos catalogue at the beginning of December.

But despite the fact that I loved so many things, my eyes were repeatedly drawn back to the Mistress Cupid Extra Large Vibrating Dildo.


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Sh! Pink Glass Double Dildo

Since Scandarella started picking up momentum, I’ve slowly built up a little list of companies I’d love to work with, so I was extra delighted when one of the first companies I’d put on that list agreed to forward me a product to review.

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium sent me their own brand Pink Glass Double Dildo, and that dildo sent me straight to texture heaven!


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