SelfDelve Pepper Silicone Dildo

Want to know something that’s better than receiving a body safe sex toy you weren’t expecting? Receiving an amazing body safe sex toy that you weren’t expecting. I was over the moon when I opened up my parcel from German sex toy maker, SelfDelve, a couple of months ago and discovered that, along with my glorious Aubergine Dildo, I’d been sent a Pepper Silicone Dildo to review.


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SelfDelve Aubergine Dildo

When I was given the opportunity to choose a dildo to review from SelfDelve, my automatic response was to opt for the corn on the cob from their Garden of Eden range. I love textures for a start, and the Fella and I have an anecdote from our earliest days of living together that involves a lady finger vibrator with a painted rubbery sleeve, a neighbour, and a stopcock grate, but that’s a tale for another time. But I saw that other bloggers had the corn on the cob in hand and ready to review, so I let myself get caught up in the emoji craze and picked the Aubergine dildo in the end.


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