Rocks Off Vortex

I love putting stuff up my butt. It’s a cold, hard fact that the orgasms I get via anal penetration are always stronger than any vaginal based climax I have. If you pop into Scandarella often you’ll probably know that I adore big and implausible toys for anal. It probably seems like I spend all my days straddling stuff the size of traffic cones. I don’t, though. Just as it is with dildos, I sometimes need a smaller, less challenging toy, and one such product that came to me in recent months is the Rocks Off Vortex.

Now, I’m not the biggest Rocks Off fan in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I think their stuff is always gorgeous, always well designed, and always well executed. And I had a passionate love affair with their bullets back when my mild interest in sex toys first morphed into an obsession. But with time their vibes became less effective for me, so now they’re pretty much exclusively for the Fella’s use, with exceptions, of course. The Vortex is one of those exceptions. Continue reading “Rocks Off Vortex”

Rocks Off Ohh! Moji RO-90 Bullet Vibrator

Something that’s consistently weird to me is the fact that the Fella has favourite sex toy brands. Before I started blogging his interest in them only went so far as how they worked for me. He had a box of a few bits that he liked to share with me, but none of it was really his. Not even the strokers, they were for my hands and eyes rather than his pleasure. But now there are a few brands that he takes a keen interest in, and one of them is Rocks Off. So we have an agreement. He chooses the product and I choose the style. And that’s why a guy who doesn’t really get the point of emojis has the Rocks Off Ohh! Moji RO-90 Bullet Vibrator in his collection.

Just like most of Rocks Off’s other bullets, the Ohh! Moji is made of solid, super shiny ABS plastic. The number in its name denotes the length of the bullet, in this case, 90mm. A shade over 3.5”. At just 2.25” in girth, it’s pretty much the size of an index finger. Continue reading “Rocks Off Ohh! Moji RO-90 Bullet Vibrator”

Rocks Off Lust Linx Ball & Chain

When it comes to solo masturbation I have a new favourite thing. It’s a simple thing, really. Something I’ve done a handful of times in the past but for some reason, it’s recently become one of the most satisfying ways I play. Long story short, I’ve had some punch-packing orgasms from getting a vibrating love egg wedged all up in me and then inserting a dildo. It probably goes without saying that the success of this set-up is entirely dependent on the quality of the love egg. Some are fab, some not so much. One of the products I’ve tried this with recently is the Rocks Off Lust Linx Ball & Chain. Did it triumph or did it tank? Read on to find out.

When MEO said they were sending me the Ball & Chain for review I was kinda ridiculously happy. I’ve made no secret about the fact that, in general, Rocks Off vibes don’t do much for me these days (with exception of the Unihorn) so the fact that I couldn’t wait to give this offering a try was peculiar. Continue reading “Rocks Off Lust Linx Ball & Chain”

Rocks Off Unihorn Stardust Vibrator

When I first spotted in a trade magazine that Rocks Off was releasing some new products I nearly stroked out. I fell instantly in love with the Unihorn Stardust Vibrator and wanted to get my hands on one so badly. Happily, Rocks Off got in touch about reviews and to my everlasting joy, one of the available products was the Unihorn. I had a bit of a struggle in my head cos the Joycicles (one of which is up for grabs in my Christmas Giveaway!) vibes are the same shape but with a Christmassy design, but the one I originally fell for won the day.

Something I love about Rocks Off is their packaging. It’s black with gold accents, a window so you can see exactly what you’re getting. On the back I’m informed that the toy is waterproof, battery powered (one AAA which is included) and has ten settings. There’s also a reminder on there to register the 12-month guarantee, the activation code for which is inside of the box behind a removable double panel. If you take that panel out you’ll find instructions and info on the reverse. Continue reading “Rocks Off Unihorn Stardust Vibrator”

Rocks Off Cheeky-Boy Intense

When I was offered the chance to review the Cheeky-Boy Intense from Rocks Off, I pounced on it with absolutely no grace whatsoever. Not only would the Fella’s butt be in for a treat, but as it’s powered by the Ignition bullet (which I’ve coveted for ages) my clit would be getting a lil’ attention too, and there was no way would I let myself miss out on that.


Continue reading “Rocks Off Cheeky-Boy Intense”

Rocks Off Ruby Glow Clitoral Vibrator

I’ve been anticipating the release of the Ruby Glow since I read an article in October last year in which erotic author, Tabitha Rayne, discussed the idea behind its development, so when the opportunity to test it popped up at Lovehoney, I signed myself up and crossed all my crossable bits and pieces in the hopes that I would get it.

And I did.

ROCKS OFF RUBY GLOW CLITORAL VIBRATOR 1 Continue reading “Rocks Off Ruby Glow Clitoral Vibrator”