Persian Palm Livia Ceramic Butt Plug

Want to know what I get a lot of? Emails. Some are spam, some are business enquiries, and others – the best ones, in my opinion – are from you, my lovely readers. Some of them are super sweet compliments that make me blush, and some make my heart swell with pride. They’re the ones where you ask me for my advice or for toy recommendations. One query I had a lot in the lead up to Valentine’s Day was all to do with fancy pants gifts for girlfriends and wives. I recommended so many toys over a three-week span, and this Persian Palm Livia Ceramic Butt Plug came up more than once.

If you’ve been a Scandarella reader for a while you might know that this isn’t the first Persian Palm product I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. At the back end of 2016, I wrote about my experiences with the Caterina Dildo and Persian Palm’s custom design service. This time the product is from Luxury Vibrators and is from a selection of predesigned Persian Palm toys they carry. Continue reading “Persian Palm Livia Ceramic Butt Plug”