OVO S3 Rechargeable Body Massager

Before I started blogging, I had never heard of OVO. I’d probably seen them dotted about online, but back then I struggled to see anything but the brightest stars of the sex toy universe. It was all about the Doxy, and the Womanizer, and stuff from Tantus. But I was sent a box of OVO products to review last year, and I was impressed. So, when I was offered another box this year, I jumped at the chance. Included in that second box was this, the OVO S3 Body Massager, and I’m ready to lay out my opinions.

Nobody could ever accuse OVO of making cheap, crappy products. Every single sample of their work that’s graced my playtime – be it this mini bullet or this touch-wheel controlled vibrator – has been well-made. Their designs are simple, their materials body safe and decent quality. Continue reading “OVO S3 Rechargeable Body Massager”

OVO D5 Rechargeable Mini Vibrator

How pinpoint do you like your vibes? Do you like them broad and sweeping, carrying through your labia, perineum, anus or cock? Or are you one of those folks that thinks, give me the vibes right there, the closer to ground zero, the better? Well, if you’re in the former group you’ve lucked out landing on this review. But, if you’re in team precise vibes, you may well have come to the right place. Read on and find out all about the OVO D5 Rechargeable Mini Vibrator.

Ovo D5 Package Contents

Now, in my eyes, the OVO D5 is a little on the large side to be classed as a true mini vibe. To me, minis are 4” and under, yet the D5 is 6” in total length. I guess it is a mini for me, given that I like big hulking toys that are as long as my forearm. But I know a load of people who would consider 6” their go to size for insertables. And a few who tighten up at the thought of it. Continue reading “OVO D5 Rechargeable Mini Vibrator”

OVO E4 Dual Stimulation Vibrator

I love getting to try new products. It’s always fun, nearly always orgasmic, and only very rarely dull. It’s especially exciting if the products are from a brand I like, and OVO just happens to be one such brand. They recently sent me a box of goodies, and the one I’ve chosen to review first is the OVO E4 Dual Sensation Vibrator.

Firstly, shout out to OVO’s fancy new packaging! Personally, I liked their previous boxes, but they did have the slight problem of being sturdy enough for long term storage but not at all discreet. OVO have addressed that, switching their toy printed boxes for a magnetically closing grey box with simple branding. Over that is a throw away sleeve, and this is where you’ll find actual size product pictures and info. When you’re ready to store, sling the sleeve and put keep your box wherever you like. Continue reading “OVO E4 Dual Stimulation Vibrator”

OVO C1 Mini Rechargeable Vibrator

In my recent package of OVO review products, I discovered something that was very familiar to me. Not the actual product itself, I’d never seen it before until I opened the box, but the shape is something I’m well acquainted with. It’s a cigar shaped mini vibe that most sex toy companies have at least one own brand version of.

Meet the OVO C1
OVO C1 2

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OVO D3 Mini Vibe

Think back for a second, to your very first vibrator. If you’re in your mid-thirties like I am (wah!!) there’s a good chance you’re shuddering right now. And if you’re younger, there’s a good chance you’re… well, it’s very probable that you’re shuddering also, because even now, in 2016, far too many entry level vibes which have unintimidating price tags are pieces of shit.

But there are some fab little beginner’s vibes on the market these days, and I’d like to introduce you to one right now:

OVO D3 Mini Vibe

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OVO E2 Rechargeable Vibrator

After a short chat with a lovely person from OVO Lifestyle Toys, I received an email telling me I had some products on the way for review. Now I’ve never used an OVO product before, so I guess you can imagine how thrilled I was at the idea of getting to try three of them!


When my parcel came, I had a look over the boxes, and my eyebrows lifted when I spotted the E2 Rechargeable Vibrator. On the face of it, it’s just a standard sized, classic shaped vibrator, but if you look a little closer, it has a feature I’ve never come across on a sex toy before. But more about that later.

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