Kinklab ElectroWhip Neon Wand Attachment

I love e-stim. It’s sexy, stingy, and has helped me achieve an orgasm I never thought would be possible for me; the nipple orgasm. But I sometimes find that skin pads keep the sensations too localised for me to fully enjoy them, and neon wand electrodes are too tame. However, there are a few products that change everything when it comes to the neon wand, and one of them is the Kinklab ElectroWhip.

It looks like an unassuming, innocent little flogger, doesn’t it? Its eight, 6mm wide falls look tame and a bit cheap when they’re dangling limply from the end of the Neon Wand. They deliver a sharp strike, for sure, cos they’re made from rubber, but they don’t look like they could ever be the reason behind tears of pain spilling down a person’s cheeks.

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Kinklab Flex Capacitor

Have you ever had to say the words, you think you know a guy? I’ve had to in recent weeks, but I wasn’t actually talking about a guy. What was I talking about? My Kinklab Neon Wand. I thought I knew all there was to know about the sensations offered by that thing. I thought I knew exactly what to expect from it in terms of pain; mild to moderate. Then the Stockroom asked me to review two new attachments and my knowledge of what the Neon Wand is capable of was turned on its head. The first of those attachments I’m reviewing is the Kinklab Flex Capacitor.

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Kinklab Heart On Neon Wand Electrode

There are loads of things I love about my Kinklab Neon Wand. How it feels, sounds, looks and smells, for starters. Anyone who has read my Meet & Greet post for the upcoming Eroticon weekend will know now that I have sexual impulses toward and because of thunderstorms. Well, my Neon Wand is a mini thunderstorm all in one compact little package.

Another great thing about the Wand is that what you see isn’t all you get. There are attachments and add-ons galore, some available separately and some that come in a big assed kit with all the stuff you could ever need.


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Kinklab Private Pursuit Kegel Balls Set

Recently had a baby? Momentarily lose control of your bladder when you laugh, cough or sneeze? Clocking on in years? These are three of the most common reasons women the world over turn to kegel balls. Well, those and that sequence in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Emoticon Whatever

As much as that sounds like the intro to one of those crappy adverts we’ve all woken up to in a haze when the channel we fell asleep watching has gone off air, it’s all true. Kegel balls are fab at helping strengthen weakened muscles, and not just for mums, sneezy-squirters or those of us who have marched through more than thirty years of life. They’re ace for anyone looking to strengthen their orgasms through pelvic floor toning.

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