Kink Craft Paracord Flogger Kit

I’m starting this review in a state of excitement. An eager little beaver with a goal in mind. See, usually I’d get to know a product inside and out, taking copious amounts of notes and working from them to help build what I have to say. But not this time. This time, I’m writing the review as I get to know the product, because I’m making it. Yep, it’s time for me to pick up my Kink Craft Paracord Flogger Kit and get stuck in, and I’m bringing you along for the ride.

First off, the kit comes in such a pretty box! I love the way Kink Craft present their kits. Paper lined, ribbon tied boxes, they come ready to present to whoever the maker-bee might be. If you’ve bought a kit, you’ll get everything you need inside that box. The only things you’ll want to have to hand are stuff like scissors, a ruler, a lighter. You may or may not need a craft mat, depending on your chosen product, but I use one each time I make something from Kink Craft. Continue reading “Kink Craft Paracord Flogger Kit”

Kink Craft Hot Wax Play Candles & Jug

Patience. It isn’t something I have a great deal of, truth be told. I want everything done yesterday, and dislike waiting for things intensely. It pisses me off, making me wonder why things don’t just happen as soon as they’re thought of. So imagine, if you can, how annoyed I was when the Fella said we had to use up the bondage candles we had on the go before I could get these gorgeous Kink Craft Wax Play Candles and Wax Play Jug out of the candle box.

KINK CRAFT HOT WAX PLAY CANDLES & JUG 1 Continue reading “Kink Craft Hot Wax Play Candles & Jug”

Kink Craft Wooden Handled Suede Flogger Kit

I’m not a particularly crafty individual. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love sitting down and trying to create stuff with my hands, but the reality is, I’m bloody terrible at it. I can’t draw to save my life, and I can’t make awesome things out of scraps of fabric, toilet roll tubes and yogurt pots like my friends can.


So, naturally, when I was offered the chance to give one of Kink Craft’s DIY kits a go, I said bring it the fuck on! Next thing I knew I had a deconstructed Wooden Handled Suede Flogger on my cutting mat, and it was on!

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Kink Craft Mini Flogger Kit

I’m a woman who is exclusively attracted to men. There isn’t any one thing about them that grabs my attention though. Sometimes it’s a cocky grin that captures my interest, other times it’s the shape of a guy’s shoulders, or the set of his jaw, or the way he walks or talks. But there’s always been two things that have mesmerised me about every man I’ve ever been attracted to:

  1. the way their back muscles move when they take on physically demanding tasks
  2. the way their usually large hands and fingers take to delicate tasks with such grace

That should give you an indication of where my mind ended up when watching the Fella – the man who has all of the things I mentioned above (and more) in such huge amounts I saw fit to marry him – sitting cross legged on our bed with my craft mat on his knees while he got stuck in to our Kink Craft Mini Flogger Kit.


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Kink Craft Figure 8 Cuff Kit

Ever fancy making your own bondage gear? Well, I don’t know about you, but I never did until I learned that the fabulous Kink Craft existed. But even then, I liked the idea, but my hand eye coordination is crap, and I knew I’d fuck it up, so I just kept on liking from afar. I tried – and loved – their nipple sticks first, and when I was given the opportunity of trying something else, I plumped for the readymade version of the Figure 8 Cuffs, but changed my mind to the kit at the last minute.


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