GODEMICHE Hercules Dildo

GODEMICHE. You’ve likely heard lots of good stuff about them by now. If not, which rock have you been under? They’re UK based hand-poured dildo makers. A company known for bright, bold colours and multi-hued mixes that are more psychedelic than the 70s. A company ran by the sweetest lady and the most hyper guy you’ll ever meet. They’re also known for having just a few (superb) designs on offer; their Adam and Ambit dildos, and their plugs and pegs. I’ve said in a past review that I’d be watching with keen interest to see what future designs they came up with. I knew it would be something special, and I was right. The Ambit is a hit. Now, I’m gonna tell you all about their latest release; the GODEMICHE Hercules.

GODEMICHE Hercules Dildo Full Side View

I was so excited to be given a chance to review this uncut hero. It was sent to me by the awesome Vikki at Uberkinky, a company who currently have exclusivity on it. Deliveries come so fast from Uberkinky, and I had my Hercules in my hands the day after the review agreement was made. Continue reading “GODEMICHE Hercules Dildo”