Doxy Skittle

Whenever the word ‘DOXY’ is spoken, a ripple travels through the sex toy world, and though I’d never owned one of their products at the time of receiving it, that ripple even reached little old me when the Skittle was unveiled. I wanted it on sight, so I was stupidly excited when Lovehoney emailed me to tell me the DOXY Skittle was on its way to me in exchange for an honest review.

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Doxy Die Cast


Yassss! I so wanted to have my very own Doxy Wand review on Scandarella, but my review for the Original Wand was already online (you can read it here if you like), and because of the laws of search engines and other cosmic occurrences and universal issues, it wasn’t looking like I’d be able to have one. Then there was a competition, and I entered a picture, and Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your cat, I won, and I’m now the proud (and slightly smug) owner of a Doxy Die Cast. Continue reading “Doxy Die Cast”