Close2You Rilassamento Rechargeable Wand

One of my most favourite companies to review for is Orion Versand. I adore looking through their pages, searching for hidden gems that I can bring to your attention, lovely readers. Close2You is a range of theirs that offers some lovely products, and this review is for one of them. The Close2You Rilassamento Rechargeable Wand.

As soon as I laid eyes on this thing I knew I needed to try it. I just got such a good vibe from it (pun totally intended). It looked like one of those predictable products. You know the ones. They look like they’ll be well-made, lovely to hold and easy to use, but you know the power and vibe quality will be a wild-card. Continue reading “Close2You Rilassamento Rechargeable Wand”

ArtsClair Mon Grand Amour

Whether it’s warmed in a bowl of hand hot water, or cooled to near frozen in a bucket of ice, glass is one of the most intensely sexy treats you can ever give to one of your orifices. Some of my strongest orgasms have come from using a glass dildo, and the ArtsClair Mon Grand Amour by You2Toys has been responsible for many of my most recent ones.


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Close2You Flores Piccolo

The Close2You Flores Piccolo rabbit-style vibrator was an unexpected offering from a lovely lady at Orion, sent along with the Passione Rosa (from the same brand) for me to review. I have a number of rabbit vibes at this point, and I have a terrible time getting them to work for me, so I was eager to see if the Piccolo would end up on the yes or no pile.


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Close2You Passione Rosa Rechargeable Vibrator

When I was asked if I would like to review the Close2You Passione Rosa Rechargeable Vibrator, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Close2You was a brand I hadn’t ever heard of, and as you know if you read Scandarella regularly, I love discovering new things!


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