Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plugs

I’m a child of the 80s. I grew up watching Trap Door and Duckula, listening to the Cure and the Damned, and eating Sherbet Dip Dabs and Swizzles Love Hearts. Now, as a middle-aged wife and mother…well, I still do all those things, actually. Most of me has grown up, but I still love many of the things I loved back then. Especially the Swizzles Love Hearts, they’re like, my fave sweetie sweets ever. So, I guess that’s the main reason I wanted to get my hands all over these Play with Me Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plugs by Blush Novelties.

It was one of the larger, Naughtier Candy Heart butt plugs that I really wanted and I tried my best to find one. They weren’t available in the UK when I first spotted them, but around the middle of 2016, I finally found one on Amazon. I intended to review it, but Blush asked me to hold off until they released their updated packaging, and told me that, because I was waiting, they’d send me another plug! Continue reading “Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plugs”

Hop Cottontail Rabbit Vibrator

Imagine, if you will, a black and white scene on a small, boxy screen. Two individuals staring each other down, the lust thickened air wrought with tension. They want to touch each other. But they’re afraid that, if they do, they might discover that desire aside, they’re entirely incompatible. That’s basically me and the rabbit vibrator, people. Those providers of dual stimulation and I have had a strained relationship in the past and this, the Blush Novelties Hop Cottontail Rabbit, is the latest in a string of vulva bunnies to try to seduce me. Read on to find out how it did…

This packaging, though. All the candyfloss pink in the land has been concentrated into this paperboard box. And the window in the front of said box is massive, showing pretty much the entire Cottontail in all its candyfloss pink glory. I really wish I could hate it, but even though it’s cheap and natty looking for a product in this price bracket, I actually like it. Continue reading “Hop Cottontail Rabbit Vibrator”

Noje W2 & W3 Mini Wand Massagers

Recently, I spotted a video on Twitter starring someone I greatly admire. Ducky Doolittle is now the very friendly face of Blush Novelties, and I watched quite rapt as she introduced the new Noje line. I loved the looks of the cutesy little buggers, so when Peepshow Toys gave me the chance to review a couple I nodded like a dog on a dashboard.

Noje is a line of rechargeable mini wands. There are three shapes, each available in three colours. They’re rechargeable, waterproof and astoundingly inexpensive. The two I chose were the Noje W2 – a stubby, chubby wand – and the Noje W3 – a slender, slightly longer curved version. Continue reading “Noje W2 & W3 Mini Wand Massagers”

Blush Novelties Nude Impressions 04

Nothing excites me more than the sound of a delivery driver knocking at my door, because I know that there’s a 95% chance that they’ll be bringing me something wonderful that I can have sex with. Other times it’s a bunch of metal CD’s the Fella’s bought online, or the new capacitor he needs to fix our tumble dryer. But one of my happy deliveries in September contained the Nude Impressions 04 from Blush Novelties, and I wasted no time in getting to grips with it.


The Nude Impressions 04 isn’t my first vibrator from this line. I received the 03 for review recently, and loved it, so if you want to check that out, you can do so here.

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Blush Novelties Nude Impressions 03

“Fucking hell, that’s big enough, isn’t it?!” Those were the now immortal words ejaculated by the Fella when he saw the Nude Impressions 03 Vibrator sitting in its plastic box on my bedside table.

My reply? “It’s not too bad, though we do have bigger.”


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Vilain Audre G-Spot Vibrator

I’ll go in straight off the bat here and say that the Blush Novelties Audre wasn’t my first choice from the Vilain product line. As you probably know, if you’re a regular Scandarella visitor, I’m a girl who loves her G-Spot, and I lavish it with as much attention as I possibly can, but you’ll also probably know that I *almost* always need clitoral stimulation to go with it if I’m gonna have a hope in hell of reaching orgasm.


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Blush Novelties Aria Lotus Flutter

I’m not a girly girl. I wear clothes with skulls on them, I paint my nails in dark colours, and I avoid rom-coms like they’re gonna give me a social rash. But offer me a lime green butterfly vibrator and I’ll squeal like a teenager and take your hand off. Sorry, Blush Novelties. I’ll get that hand back to you very soon, I promise!

So yeah, joking aside, when I was offered the opportunity to review the Lotus Flutter from Blush’s Aria range, I snapped it up.


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Blush Novelties Real Nude Suko

Discovering something new is always a wonderful thing. New music, a new brand of cosmetics, or a new flavour of ice cream… it’s all good, but even better than finding something new, is finding that you really really like whatever it is.

When Blush Novelties contacted me and asked if I would like to review some of their products, I was mucho excited! I’d heard of them, of course, but I’d never tried any of their products before, though I have tried and failed to source a UK retailer of their Naughtier Candy Hearts butt plug.

When the parcel arrived, I was all over the Real Nude Suko like a rash before the delivery guy was even back in his van! My dildo collection is quite healthy, but I have to say I don’t have anything else that feels quite like this one.


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