Love Links #3

It’s SATURDAY! Yes, the weekend is here once again, folks, and to be honest, I’m a bit surprised. I reckon I must have been an abductee on a spaceship for a few days, cos I have no fucking idea what I did with Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

What I do know is, there have been some smashing posts flying around the sex blogging community this week. So many topics have caught my attention. Some of them I related to hard and others allowed me to peek into worlds I don’t live in, but all of them were interesting and powerful enough to make me sit and think, even on days where my attention span – and patience – had gone awol. Continue reading “Love Links #3”

Love Links #2

Welcome to this week’s edition of Love Links! I’ve been a bit naive with this meme, folks. I thought that a weekly edition would be easier to compile than the monthly one I had planned. I mean, choosing faves from a seven-day pool rather than a thirty-day pool should be a breeze, right? Yeah, I thought so too, but I was wrong. This community puts out so much good stuff on a daily basis so it was just as hard. I argued with myself (out loud) and even tossed a coin to help me choose between two posts from the same blogger. Continue reading “Love Links #2”

Love Links #1

This post was initially intended to be the first part of a simple two-part round-up, posted on the first of every month, in which I gave kudos to my favourite sex blogger posts from the previous month. It was supposed to be my way of getting rid of that nervous bubbling I get in my belly every time I write a comment on a story or review that is only relieved when I abandon said comment and crawl back under my rock.

But, in the last few days, things have happened that have changed what these round-ups are going to be. The sex blogging and writing community – hell, the adult industry in general – is once again under fire. Slowly but surely, we are being silenced. Social media platforms are cloaking us, website hosts are closing us down, payment sites are making it impossible for us to receive support from our readers and even payment for work we have done. Continue reading “Love Links #1”