Destroying Beauty

I finished whispering to the woman by the wall then sat down in the chair that faced her.

She looked over her shoulder at me. Winked. Cocked her hip, parted her legs and bent over, dragging her stilettoed nails from her ankles to her ass. Clicking, snagging and tearing caught my ears. I watched ladders appear in black nylon, red lines appearing on her skin, looking almost bloody under the red lighting in the seedy room we were holed up in. Continue reading “Destroying Beauty”



Just off the beaten track in the woods near my childhood home sits an old bench. It was made from the limbs that fell from a nearby oak tree during one of the more savage winters of my youth.

Leaning against the side of my car I stare at the weather worn seat. Just looking at it transports me back to 1942. I was eighteen then, and had just joined the army. A week before I was to move to the nearest barracks, my mother had thrown a party. It was one of those entire estate affairs where everyone and their dog showed up. Continue reading “1942”

Put a Ring on It


Donny had said he’d meet me at six but he was nowhere to be seen. Nerves made my hands tremble as I thought of the blaring sirens that had troubled me all the way here. Gods, if he’d crashed that fucking car again like he had this time last year when he’d proposed…

My mobile buzzed in my bag.

Still steaming up the shop window with shaky breaths, I fished it out, sighing in relief when I saw it was from Donny. I knew he wouldn’t have a good reason for not being here, but relief at knowing he was okay saved him from my wrath. Continue reading “Put a Ring on It”

After Dark


“The moon and stars were the only glimpses of light in the miles of pitch black surrounding the mysterious woman. The darkness never scared her though, for after dark was her time to dazzle…”

She peered at her long, black nails, scratching the points together and smiling at the sound.  No, the darkness never scared her, but it did scare him.  He was terrified of it, because he knew that somewhere beneath the velvet blanket of night, she roamed. Continue reading “After Dark”