Like the big kid he is, Dominic tosses a short plank onto the bonfire. The girls clustered nearby give him the stank-eye as they dance away from flying sparks. He laughs maniacally, racing to the water’s edge and back again with a sopping wet bunch of seaweed in his hand, laughing louder when the girls’ irritated sighs turn to screams of disgust.

The thought that I should probably tell my best friend to wind it in a bit crosses my mind, but I don’t. I don’t even give him more than a distracted tongue click when he lobs the soggy seaweed in my direction. I’m far too busy watching Stefan watching Lisa to care much about Dom’s attention whoring. Continue reading “Seaside”


“You using, lying, sack of shit! Don’t ever come near me again!”

Helena – aka my suddenly ex-best friend – picked up the skirts of her saloon girl dress and stalked away, leaving me standing there gawping after her like I was having an attack of the dumbs. Everyone at the faculty fancy dress party was staring at me like I’d just announced I had a tail, but they had to know that the woman was batshit crazy. I hadn’t laid a finger on her and had no intentions of ever doing so.

Drunkenly telling our friends that I’d eaten her out like a starving man eats cake was bad enough, but telling them right in front of me was even worse! I mean, I’d never even seen a pussy let alone put my face in one. Cock I’d been up close and personal with, and I’d had more than one butt banquet in my lifetime, but pussy was as foreign to me as Frenchmen. Continue reading “Doppelgänger”


Once in every lifetime,
Comes a love like this…

You know you have a true, lasting connection to someone when you bump into them after a period apart and it immediately feels like it was only yesterday when you were last with them. That easy flowing conversation. Familiar touching if your relationship is intimate in nature, the automatic respect for personal space if it isn’t.

Some believe that those people are our soulmates.

I know they are. Continue reading “Soulmate”

Awakening the Wet Dream

If I was less drunk I might have been self-conscious about the headboard smacking off the wall. I might have made an effort to cover Adam’s mouth. And I would definitely have opted to wear a condom.

But, as being drunk goes, I’m probably the worst I’ve ever been, and I’m giving my date such a hard, bareback anal fucking the headboard has been knocking holes into plaster for going on half an hour. Adam’s been hollering ‘Oh God, fuck yes!’ so loudly I wouldn’t have been surprised if the Almighty descended from heaven in corporeal form, just to tell him to shut the fuck up. Continue reading “Awakening the Wet Dream”

Sons of Satan

Screaming hinges was one of the worst sounds in the world. It set my teeth on edge and gave me an itch in my head that was impossible to scratch. I assessed the solid double doors in front of me with weary eyes. Weathered wood, wrought iron studs, and hinges that looked like they hadn’t moved in a thousand years. Yeah, this one was gonna be a screecher.

Grumbling quietly to myself, I let my fingers curl around the imposing black ring on the inner side of the door on the right. It was icy cold, making me shiver just like I had the first time I’d walked into this derelict old church. Something about the place felt off. Sinister. Continue reading “Sons of Satan”

Just a Spoonful of Sugar

I hadn’t expected Dean to be naked when I walked through the front door, but there he was. Standing at the bottom of the stairs with his back to me, broad-shouldered, firm cheeked and tight thighed. One of his arms was bent, his hand hidden in front of him. I wondered if he was hiding something from me, or if he was…no. If he was doing that, his arm wouldn’t be so still. Continue reading “Just a Spoonful of Sugar”

A Night to Remember

We were all going to die.

People ran around the deck, shoving at each other, looking for an escape that they weren’t going to find. They’d said women and children first, and as I was neither I didn’t even consider approaching the lifeboats. I could have barged my way on like some of the older men were, but I didn’t. I’d made sure my mother and sister had their places, and then I’d stepped back, my dark eyes fixed on my mother’s light ones, and then on her forehead, then her hat. I didn’t look away until the tip of the ostrich feather that capped it vanished. Continue reading “A Night to Remember”

A Blast from the Past

I couldn’t stop staring at the guy who stood by the clearance records at the front of the store, trying to figure out if I knew him. I hadn’t caught sight of his face yet, but something in the way he cocked his head while he walked had caught my attention. The way he shifted from foot to foot, not even in time with the music crackling from the old jukebox in the corner… it was so familiar!

The two girls who had been giggling in the corner for the past half hour gave me one final look of longing before exiting with a sigh. I didn’t say, see you tomorrow, like I usually did when they left. I was too busy wondering if that guy really was… Continue reading “A Blast from the Past”

Bath House

Bath House

I’d had plans for my eighteenth birthday. Big plans. The first of them – travel to a country I’d never been to before – had been executed with military precision. My sky diving trip was booked well in advance, as was the water skiing one, and the scuba diving one, too.

The only thing that hadn’t been planned six months in advance was my travelling companions. As much as I valued my friends, I hadn’t wanted them to come with me. I’d wanted to do this alone, to see something of the world through my eyes and my eyes only. To have my thoughts and opinions uninfluenced by someone else’s reactions or behaviours. Continue reading “Bath House”

Just Friends


I’m staring at the woman with the squalling baby, daring her to sit beside me on the bus again. She’s done it every damned day this week, and we’ve been the only two people on the fucking bus. Every. Damned. Time. I’ve even had the driver ask me if I could do something to shut the kid up, and it isn’t even mine, nor is its mother. I do try, but I fail. Maybe that’s why she sits beside me. Maybe watching someone else fail reassures her that it isn’t just her the kid wails for. Continue reading “Just Friends”